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I couldn’t help myself

I love Yngwie’s playing. Always have. He was a huge inspiration to me during my first years as a guitarist, and today he is one of the handful of players whom I still enjoy listening to. In recent years it’s become fashionable to bash him, and I can kind of understand why because he makes himself such an easy target. But when the dude is on, he is on. He also earned some major brownie points with me when “rose above it” in Tufnel-esque fashion by calling his album “Unleash the (fockin) Fury.” That still makes me giggle.

In the 80s, Yngwie single-handedly redefined heavy rock guitar. But unlike other revolutionary players like Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Van Halen, he’s hardly a household name. He’s certainly notorious well-known among heavy rock and metal guitarists, but let’s put it this way: even my dear old Granny knows who Jimi Hendrix is, but she’s never heard of Yngwie.

When my BF and I were goofing around the other day we came up with the idea for these shirts…and, well, I just couldn’t help myself — I had to share the giggles with you:

yngwie who shirt

yngwie who shirt

I’m probably gonna regret this, but WTF. It’s usually better to apologize than to ask permission… :mrgreen:

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+ Comment by jomaheux
2007-07-20 03:29:27

I saw him in May 2006 in Montreal and he kicked asses big time!

+ Comment by Laurie Monk
2007-07-20 10:17:05

Just noticed a little problem with the link to music. It has an extra slash on the end of the url

This stops the page from loading the style sheet.

+ Comment by Lorinator
2007-07-20 16:44:28

Thanks for the suggestions, Laurie. You’d think I would have learned to check my links by now… :roll:

+ Comment by Stephen H
2007-07-20 15:26:27

I’d prefer:

RITCHIE F-CKIN’ ROTH – (That’s Who !)

+ Comment by mcophie
2007-07-20 15:50:20

The shirt is funny, but that bunny is awesome! :bunny: :banana:

+ Comment by Lorinator
2007-07-20 16:45:47

Haha, I *love* the bunny. And I couldn’t resist adding the naughty banana either…. :bunny:

+ Comment by Kristof
2007-07-20 16:33:54

Yngwie Malmsteen … Isn’t that like the icon of US Rock, with major hits such as “The River” and “Born in the USA” …

I’ve never bashed Inkvy for the way he lives – just for his attitude and the fact that he’s become less and less musical over the years. His first record, “Rising Force” is still a major landmark in my CD collection. The incredible neo-classical style he displays on that record is absolutely sublime. I may even add more superlatives when I think of them. But lately, he’s been lost in playing more notes than there are nuts in a workshop. He’s lost the melody and he’s gone over to the Dark Side (of technique over melody).

I felt really bad for him when his complete trailer was stolen. I was stunned when he sold his Ferrari on E-bay. You can tell that I’ve been following him rather closely.

But I love his ABBA cover.

And I’m not sure about the way he behaved during the G3 tour – I’m not sure if you’ve watched any of that, but fact is that while Steve and Joe were doing their blues jam together, generally having a good time and doing that “it’s all fun and games HAHA merry men we be” thing that you just have to do while playing blues in order to not fall asleep, Yngwie just sort of hung around on stage waiting for his time to shine. And when it was his time to shine, he really took the stage and stood in front of Joe and Steve … I’m not sure what to think of that, honestly.

Still, I’d give my left hand to be able to play like Inkvy, but I wouldn’t be able to play like Inkvy then because I’d given my left hand.

+ Comment by Kristof
2007-07-20 16:35:19

And I’m not sure why the new comment thingy keeps eating my carriage returns. Maybe it thinks carriages are antique and I need SUV-returns …

+ Comment by Lorinator
2007-07-20 16:45:04

Kristof, I am not sure what’s happening to your empty carriage returns. I’ll see if I can fix it. And btw, some of the stuff you mention about YM’s behavior is what I meant by his making himself an easy target…

+ Comment by Kristof
2007-07-20 16:53:05

I never actually hated Inkvy – maybe envied, but never bashed. At most a bit sad that he should behave that way. And one must admit that his latest record is back “on par” and sounds a lot more like the Old Inkvy.

To bee oneyst, ee’s duh guy dad zet mee onto clhashical myooseek … and learning scales, learning harmonies … so I owe a lot to this guy. And the fact that you can grow slightly obese and still be a good performer … and the fact that you can play well and really fast with a lot of precious metal weighing down your fingers. Maybe he wears them on purpose and he removes one ring if he wants to play a certain song 20 bpm faster.


But, seriously, I owe that man a lot.

+ Comment by Lorinator
2007-07-20 17:14:29

Hmmm, I have added some styling to the comment <p> tags as a quick fix for whitespace, but haven’t time right now to fix the real issue of its stripping empty carriage returns. :geek: I’ll look into that when I can.

(No nesting below this level)
+ Comment by Sylvain
2007-07-21 11:06:04

Yngwie is an awsome guitarist ! He’s my #1 influence and always stayed during the years. Like many, I also thought he’d lost his “certain je ne sais quoi”. But a while ago, I just took his songbooks and just discovered it wasn’t the case. My ears weren’t really able to discern it, but my eyes did ! Yngwie’s really improved his technique but not in a competition way. Even his well kown and used gimmicks have changed and evolved. Is he a shredder only interested in speed ? He once said something like a single BB King note was way over shredding phrases, even of his own. :wink:
I know, I’m a fan… but I feel the same about Vai and Satriani, that they play the same things over and over… so what ! :lol:

+ Comment by Gwen
2007-07-22 16:52:30

I just love it hahahah


+ Comment by JT
2007-07-23 01:13:29

I saw Yngwie live a couple of months back, I was really surprised that he actually seemed to be quite a down-to-earth personality. Hell of a show on stage, too. Seeing his gig once in a lifetime is worth it even if you aren’t a big fan of the music itself.

+ Comment by azilah
2007-07-25 10:54:35

i enjoy reading ur blog..
keep on writing..
hugs from malaysia

+ Comment by Mike
2007-07-28 18:30:46

Hilarious! Yngwie was definitely one of my guitar heroes growing up, but there’s no doubt the younger generations today may have no clue who he is :)



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