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What is the Astrid ToDo Mascot?

Astrid ToDo Mascot

What is the Astrid Mascot, anyway?

One of the most useful apps on my phone is Astrid, a eminently functional ToDo list with added charm and personality. Call me corny, but I actually enjoy it when Astrid nags me with her encouraging messages. I have been known to bounce gleefully into my BF’s office (we work from home) when Astrid nags me about a task, just to show him how f’n cuuuuuute she is.

But one thing is totally bugging me: WHAT THE HECK IS THE ASTRID MASCOT SUPPOSED TO BE?

Yes, I typed that in all caps because the question is SCREAMING in my head.

Is she a little octopus? A melted eraser? A character from Gumby who ended up on the cutting room floor?

I suppose life is pretty cushy when it’s questions like these that are your main source of anxiety.

EDIT: I audaciously tweeted the folks who created Astrid and they got back to me with the definitive answer: Astrid is a SQUID: “Astrid is an adorable little squid. We thought with all those tentacles Astrid would have some major multi-tasking skills!”

Whew! Mystery solved! And kudos to the folks at Todoroo for taking the time to answer even silly questions like mine!

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+ Comment by Axx
2010-12-03 04:33:05

I took your question to heart, Lori. And I did what any caring man would do…I googled “Astrid”. Apart from standing for ‘android’s simple task recording dashboard’ did you know that “Astrid” is a name of North Germanic origin? It’s true! Wikipedia told me so! It means “divine beauty”. The mascot also has five legs. What do you think of when you think of ‘North Germanic’ and the number ’5′?

Yes, of course. I, like you, immediately thought of the germanic goddess Fulla. She was both beautiful and would represent the fifth month, May, by virtue that she was the goddess of riches and plenty.

There can be no argument. Astrid is both very cute, and since she is a depiction of a germanic god, also incredibly metal.

+ Comment by Chen
2010-12-03 08:39:42

Looks like my sister

+ Comment by Alice
2010-12-03 14:24:23

I think it looks like a japanese octopus sausage (Octodog)


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