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Free metronome for your PC – no more annoying clickage

weird metronome[ update 12 July 2011: The creator of Weird Metronome recently informed me that the application has been updated to correct the timing problems and include hotkeys, which negates my original complaints about Weird Metronome (when compared to Zetronome). It also works on Windows mobile devices now (if you are into that kind of thing). The creator of Weird Metronome has also released an open source guitar tuner (which I have not tried) if you want to check that out! ]

If you’re looking for a free metronome to use on your PC, you might want to try Weird Metronome. It’s tiny, eminently configurable, and FREE.

I’ve been using it on my PC for a couple of weeks now, and the only feature this metronome is lacking is keyboard shortcuts for adjusting the tempo. However, the author makes the source code available, so if you’re good at C++ you could try adding this feature (and get my eternal gratitude).

Advantages of a PC-based metronome
I love my little Korg metronome, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to practice without worrying about annoying others with the click, click, click. My Korg does have a headphone jack, but I’m too lazy to route the signal into my mixer so I can hear both the metronome and my guitar.

If you play your guitar through your PC, then using Weird Metronome makes it easy to get a good guitar-metronome headphone mix.

[UPDATE 2 September 2007: Some users may experience timing issues with Weird Metronome (I've not noticed this problem, but maybe my timing just sucks! Another free alternative that seems really great is Zetronome, which was pointed out by Mamadalica in comments. It can be controlled with keyboard shortcuts, is highly configurable, and uses real drum sounds. Oh, and for your speed demons, it goes up to 300 bpm. My spontaneous impression is that it kicks Weird Metronome's butt.

A non-free alternative is Beatcraft (thanks to Seb for the tip).

Blogging is cool. Not only do I get to share things that I discover, but I learn a lot from you alert readers as well! :bunny: ]

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+ Comment by Kristof
2007-08-31 23:10:34

Cubase SX has a built-in metronome.

For “working out” on a metronome, I can click a drumtrack/metronome/clicktrack together in secons in Line 6′s edit software. They have an excellent tuner/metronome built-in. You should check it out with your Pod.

And yes, it also does 6/8 ;)

+ Comment by Lorinator
2007-09-02 00:30:32

Yes, that is a good option. Usually I have my MicroKorg hooked up to my computer’s midi port though, so a dedicated program works better for me.

6/8 is cool, especially if you throw some double bass drums in. :guitar:

+ Comment by Timmy
2007-08-31 23:33:57

It should take the author about 5 minutes to add those hotkeys… lazy bastard. :P
Unless C++ contains some weird complications that I don’t know about.

Seems nice in either case. :)

+ Comment by manounerockeuse
2007-09-01 15:10:47

it’s really good! :bunny:

+ Comment by manounerockeuse
2007-09-01 15:13:01

o!!!! I don’t have any sound! :???:

+ Comment by Lorinator
2007-09-02 00:27:05

That’s probably your midi settings on your computer.

+ Comment by mike
2007-09-01 22:19:06 offers a web-based metronome.

+ Comment by Lorinator
2007-09-02 00:27:31

Very basic, but quite nice! Thanks for the tip.

+ Comment by MamadalicA
2007-09-02 12:20:42

Check ZETRONOME out! I love it. No MIDI but real wave sound :woohoo:

It’s been a long time since I’v started using it. I WILL check your wierd one too! :wink:

+ Comment by MamadalicA
2007-09-02 12:34:21

I just checked it and realized that I had tried it out before :!:
I prefer Zetronome. Setting up a drum kit sound is much more convinient in it and also it sounds better.
You might as well want to check out for a drum machine. Speaking of which, does any body know a cool way to render MIDI drum tracks into WAVE ones?[with sampled drum sounds instead of MIDI sounds of course!]
The only thing that is holdimg me back from recording my stuff is the lack of a good sounding drum track! :cry:

+ Comment by Luthien
2007-09-02 14:26:52

Hi Lori! Thanks for this tip! :banana:
I needed exactly this! :guitar:

+ Comment by MamadalicA
2007-09-03 09:18:38

Thanks Lori ;)
And I do believe that the timing problem you referred to is not Weird Metronome’s fault. It’s due to the MIDI controller. If you were using an ordinary sound card [like I do!] you could experience that as well. The same problem is seen in Guitar Pro when not using the RSE, and any other software that takes advantage of the MIDI recources on your PC.
Rock On \m/

+ Comment by manounerockeuse
2007-09-03 11:34:35

ok thanks lori!

+ Comment by Oscar
2007-09-04 03:13:13

I’ve been using this metronome for years, and I’ve also noticed the timing problem (or maybe my timing sucks as well hehe). It kinda goes out of time suddenly, but quickly gets back to the right path. Good metronome, but I think I’ll better go with the Korg.


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