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Sweep arpeggio with legato and slides: Fmaj7

7ths are generally often found within the context of jazz, where they inflict 7ths and 9ths on every chord, resulting in a sound that makes me want to smash my head against the wall to make the bad noise stop. But that doesn’t mean that 7ths can’t sound cool. If you play a sweep arpeggio and use the 7th as a passing tone, it adds just enough tension to liven up the arpeggio and give the ears a little surprise.

Tab coming later :) Thanks to Rob for reminding me to post some more of my glorious tabbing art. Here it is:
Fmaj7 arpeggio tab

[update: Frankly admitting that I hate jazz has has sure ruffled some feathers. I had no idea that complete strangers would be so emotionally invested in my private musical tastes. It's actually quite flattering.

Thanks for confirming my suspicion that the "if you don't like jazz you are an ignorant cretin" attitude is expressed by self-important, pretentious, holier-than-thou asshats who, by appointing themselves the arbiters of the musical tastes of others, give jazz a bad name amongst those who dislike its characteristic sound. I hate jazz, big f'n deal; I also hate Swedish "dansmusik," but love Mussorgsky, meerkats, and effervescent vitamin C. The difference is that I respect your right to hate the things I cherish. It just leaves more for me to enjoy.

I have, however, amended some sloppy wording in my original post: 7ths and 9ths are, of course, used in many genres of music -- not just in jazz-- and often to beautiful effect. But in my own experience, it's only the way they are used in many genres of jazz that is particularly vile. Of course I would change my opinion if I ever heard a piece of jazz music that didn't make me want to pour boiling water into my ears to drown out the discordant noise. Call me a "jazz agnostic."]

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+ Comment by Joe
2007-04-07 18:28:12

I too bang my head against the wall when the jazz comes on. I like a ‘blue’ minor 7th 31 cents flat though.

+ Comment by Eva
2007-04-07 18:38:02

Hail to the Almighty Lorinator!
Great video, as always, I really loved it :)

I’ve got a little request I’ll ask for later.
Keep on the good work!! You rock!

+ Comment by Stephen H
2007-04-07 19:26:01

What I like about Jazz, is:

Oh yeah, sorry. One thing:
The fact that you can play ANY sour note, and pretend you meant to…
especially over those Argumentatives and Demolisheds, eh ?!

Easter love n’ stuff…
Stephen H

+ Comment by Stephen H
2007-04-07 19:37:28


Thank you for this, the latest cool n’ keen vid ! (Love it !)
God bless ! (x) Take care !

+ Comment by Sierra Burke
2007-04-07 22:04:13

I had to play guitar and bass guitar in jazz band my junior year of high school…
shoot me in the face.



that was nice, though. that was not jazzy. that was much more ethereal and beautiful.

+ Comment by Laurie Monk
2007-04-08 10:18:25

Great video as ever…if you don’t like jazz…do you like fusion?

+ Comment by JoeJoe
2007-04-08 16:10:46

I must be the only person here who likes jazz…..

No Opeth fans? they use alot of 7ths and 9ths….

+ Comment by Kristof
2007-04-08 22:50:13


I like Jazz too. Well, not all of it, obviously, but the cool and easy Ella Fitzgerald type’o'jazz anyway. Not the “hear me play the trumpet in a dozen ways you didn’t even think were possible” and the “It’s not because you don’t think this isn’t a scale that it isn’t” way and especially the “OMFG I FORGOT MY MEDS THIS MORNING AND NOW I’M ALL OVER THE PLACE! SCALE !!! I MEAN! I MEANT NECK !!!” …

Anyway, that 7th gives a very … Vai feeling to the arpeggio. Well done.

Again, I’ll contemplate exchanging my six-string for an instrument no-one’s ever heard of just so my ego won’t be dented. Ah well, on with doing scales at 110 bpm …

+ Comment by Kristof
2007-04-08 22:52:09

I just realised …

Taste is like a butt: divided …


I’m positive I’ll be able to stop laughing like a madman in a few minutes … as soon as my wife hits me over the head.

+ Comment by beer? O.o
2007-04-08 23:32:10

How are you able to do that crazy sweeping shit but not shred O.o, I’ve been playing a year i can shred the basic A major scale but that’s about it… sure as hell can’t do that but what ev, all in due time. dunno where to start learning on those fucking scales…

+ Comment by jomaheux
2007-04-09 01:24:48

If i not mistaken,there’s quite a bit of 7ths and 9ths harmonisation in Debussy’s and Satie’s music.Their compositions might be of some appeal to those allergic to jazz.

Now back to praticing that slide/hammer/sweep thing.

+ Comment by JoeJoe
2007-04-09 04:17:23

I agree, taste is like a butt =P, and everyone belives theirs dosnt stink hehe.

I think is good that everyone listens to diffrent things though. Everything would sound the same otherwise.

+ Comment by Lorinator
2007-04-09 23:04:59

Thanks for watching (again), everyone!
Eva: ask away, dear! Anything for you…
Stephen: Agreed. I adore unexpected when they work. But out is just OUT. *Brrr*
Sierra: Thanks! There’s a huge difference between using a note as a passing tone and putting it in a chord. I usually prefer passing tones when it comes to 7ths.
Laurie: Thanks. I suppose fusion can be “OK,” but I’d never listen to it for pleasure.
Kristof: The cool easy stuff can be nice (does Sade count? I love her). To exemplify what I don’t like I’d have to give concrete examples, and I won’t do that in a public forum (it’s mean). But the frenetic, atonal stuff is definitely at the top of my hate list.
LOL @ TASTEBUTT. BTW, the actual Swedish saying is cool because it rhymes: Smaken är som baken: delad. Usually people just leave off the “delad” part and leave it at “smaken är som baken,” like we do in English when we say, “When in Rome…”
JoeJoe: Never listened to Opeth, sorry. Do you think I might like them? As for odor-free butts, there’s a semantic difference between saying “I don’t like it,” and “It sucks.” I’d never say that ANY genre of music sucks, because nobody can speak for everyone in matters of taste.

Beer o: I’m not a shredder by any stretch of the imagination. To be honest, I’ve been focusing on sweep arpeggio videos as an experiment in SEO. It’s been working quite well *rubs hands together while mwhahahaha-ing*

Jomaheux I love the sound of 9ths: my favorite piece of music EVER, Vaughan Williams’s Tallis Fantasia, uses tons of them. In that context, they are breathtaking. Even the occasional 7th can be lovely in the right context. But adding too much “color” to too many chords just doesn’t work for me. Debussy and Satie do indeed RAWK, though.

+ Comment by Raquel
2007-04-10 04:47:58

how are you??
Perfect video!!!!!
Its hard to play, im learning
but one day i hope play like you.
kisses,bye bye.:D

+ Comment by Stephen H
2007-04-10 04:52:58

Hi Lori…

Without instigating a list, or a poll here…

Your sentence:
“my favorite piece of music EVER, Vaughan Williams’s Tallis Fantasia”…
made me think how curious it is, that so many people’s favourite piece of music, is often SO FAR in style/genre to what you’d expect – ond SO DIFFERENT to what the person actually plays !

I am very aware of (and dislike), the dynamic of the “oh, I only listen to classical music !” attitude, that was once so often used (by many artists), simply to make themselves seem more astute, intelligent, or interesting ?! Er, okay… sure !

So please don’t take offence or take this the wrong way – each to their own, but oh please …. y’ know ?!

Oh okay, YOU KNOW, that I KNOW, that I want to tell you mine…

Ennio Morricone’s soundtrack, to Sergio Leone’s:

If you get a chance to hear the “main theme” please, DO listen to it…
In MY opinion, the most emotional and haunting melody EVER !

Now… Where did I put that copy of “Ace Of Spades” ?!
Actually, that track’s GREAT !

God bless ! (x) Take care !
Lots a’ Lori love…

+ Comment by JoeJoe
2007-04-10 07:02:06

Hmm. Opeth are a band I think everyone must experiance for themselves. Maybe try the Damnation album. Its softer acoustic stuff, where as their other albums are rather deathy like.
Damnation was enough to Arjen to get Mikeal their vocalist onto The Human Equation.
=P Oh and dont get me wrong, I realise very much so you were not saying “jazz is terrible”. Its good to see people are saying “i dont like it” as aposed to “it sucks”, seeing as for the most part, the people around here would choose the later.
Anyway, no music can please all people, and I like it that way, we wouldn’t be diffrent people otherwise.

+ Comment by Stephen H
2007-04-10 16:32:27

Hello again,

I’ve just re-read m’ last post…

I hope I haven’t come across as sarcastic, ‘cos I’m SO not like that !

I wasn’t directing the “I only listen to Classical” quote at anyone here…
(Two brothers, I know (n’ love), do indeed, ONLY listen to classical !)
(So please, take what I’ve said with a sprinkle of sugar ?!)

That’s great ! – “Anyway, no music can please all people,
and I like it that way, we wouldn’t be diffrent people otherwise!”

It also occurred to me, that I oft enjoy Frank Marino’s “visit’s” to Jazzville !

Okay everyone ?! – (That’s it !) – Take care !

+ Comment by manounerockeuse
2007-04-10 20:11:31

it’s a sweep arpegio for jazz but when you play it, that’s rock!!! Lori powaaaaa ! ^^”’

+ Comment by Sylvain
2007-04-10 23:16:35

Hello Lori and everyone,

Nice video.
Debussy, Satie… cool references !
I love jazz… especially the fact that you can so much play on the “tension/release” effects of harmony. But jazz came to me before metal. And jazz helped me to better understand music from “guitar heros” like Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert… (and classical helped me to understand Malmsteen’s music… and jazz [lots of classical in jazz] !).
But I’m ok, that’s a question of taste !
Did you tried some things like “Universo Inverso” from Kiko Loureiro (Angra) ? It’s a nice mix of jazz rock and brasilian / cuban music. Very interesting ! That guy is a great musician and a very nice guy !


+ Comment by Matthew Hutchinson
2007-04-11 01:01:46

“…resulting in a sound that makes me want to smash my head against the wall to make the bad noise stop.”

LOL!! Brilliant! hehehe

+ Comment by jomaheux
2007-04-11 03:26:27

Hey Stephen,is that Morricone theme with a soprano singer?

+ Comment by Stephen H
2007-04-11 21:08:58

jomaheux :
Hi there !

Yes, that’s the one – (Her name’s Edda D’ell Orso).
There are in fact, quite a few variations of the main theme:

Once Upon a Time In The West,
One Day You Will Return,

I (personally) find the entire soundtrack amazing. Apart from the (more than) haunting main theme, there are also amusing elements (as you’d expect from a Sergio Leone/Ennio Morricone Movie soundtrack !).
Very much a roller-coaster of emotions and feelings.

But the “main” theme ?!
I can’t praise it enough !

Thanks for asking ! ! !

+ Comment by Stephen H
2007-04-11 21:11:51

ONE Finale of course…
(Sorry !)

+ Comment by Lorinator
2007-04-11 23:38:51

Raquel: Thanks very much, and good luck with your music! :-)

JoeJoe: Thanks for the Opeth advice. I’ll have a listen, for sure.

Stephen: No worries, I didn’t read any sarcasm into what you wrote. I too am mildly amused by Yngwie clones who claim to have gotten all their inspiration from classical music (as they play their cream scalloped strats with maple necks while clad in frilly shirts and wearing all their girlfriend’s jewelry). In the 80s I went through a stage of being an Yngwie clone, as anyone who remembers the original Warbride will agree. Ah, the the folly of youth!

Two thumbs up for Ennio Morricone, btw. I used to have some soundtracks, but those disappeared in one of my divorces. I’ve always wanted to find the soundtrack for “Two Mules for Sister Sara(h),” but don’t know if it’s ever been released. Grateful for any tips!

Matthew: Rock the house! \m/

Sylvain: Full respect for Kiko Loureiro. He’s one of the few guitarists I’d like to take lessons from — he makes everything look so effortless. But I’ve never actually listened to Angra; I’ve only seen some vids of Kiko. He’s really impressive. Good to hear that he’s a nice guy as well.

+ Comment by jomaheux
2007-04-12 02:32:21

Hi again!

Stephen,thanks for the cue.There are a few phrases of it stuck in my brain.

Lori,thanks also for the tip.As i’m writing this,i’m listening to “Fantasia on a theme by Thomas Tallis” by Vaughn Williams(got the album today).I guess that this is the full title.Duration on my version is 15’40 minutes.

By the way,i quite enjoy that internet/oversea(for me) enthusiastic and civilised exchange about music and thank our hostess for making it possible.


+ Comment by violet
2007-04-12 06:08:08

hii! greetings from Mexico :O hehe

I think this is the first time i write a comment here, but i have read your blog for a while now, so i just wanted to say that im absolutely your fan!! though im sad that you left SoP i really hope we can hear more of your amazing skills with guitar soon =)

about this post, i like your vids, they make me want to play the guitar even more XD

and well… i dont like jazz, the same way i dont like country music, but everybody has things that like or dont, right? i cant understand why people makes a big deal of that.. its simply the way that things are.

anyway, i hope my english was good enough XD
take care! \m/(>_

+ Comment by Stephen H
2007-04-12 16:48:11


Hiya – I’m back again !

This is just to say, that if you DO decide to get:
Ennio Morricone’s “Once Upon A Time In the West” sound-track…

Please, DO get the newer “expanded version” CD.

This one has 27 tracks !
It’s running time, is approx. 1 hour 30 minutes !
It has the 6 variations of the main theme – some over 11 minutes long !

Please, DON’T get the previous / (but still available) version.

This one had / has, only 13 tracks !
It’s running time, is only around 30 minutes ?!
3 short versions of the main theme – (One is 2 minutes 45 seconds) ?!

It’s really worth hunting out the newer expanded version, which (by the way)
is also known as the “35th Anniversary Edition” !

I hope you get it ! – I hope you like it !

Cheers Jomaheux…
Take care !

+ Comment by Chen
2007-04-12 21:44:33

Lori. Funny that I’m always looked down upon by people around me when I publicly announce my hate for punk music. Do you like those music with only 3 chords?

+ Comment by jomaheux
2007-04-13 01:31:39


It’s too late!I bought it!Aaarrrgh!

It was pretty cheap so i’ts no big deal.
Althought the main theme is not the one i was thinking about,lol!

But i sure recognised it.It’s really nice,in the tradition,at least to my ears,of some of Chaplin’s music

I bought a couple of Sergio Leone’s dvds to my mom’s companion,so i’ll check on those and see if this mysterious melody is on there or if not,hunt it down and tell you which one it is.

As you now know,i can be rather quick to get stuff at times(especially the last two weeks…).

The arrangements and diversity,thought,make want to check more of is work.

Cheers to you too Stephen H!


+ Comment by Sonic
2007-04-13 01:46:05

Like most people, I’m “narrowminded” when it comes to certain genres of music– mainly country and jazz. I learned how to “chicken pick” so I could make fun of country (I’m in a Frank Zappa tribute band; versatility is a must). However, I hate jazz with a passion so fiery that I will never… NEVER… bother to learn any. I’m well aware that jazz is a great style of music to play as a learning tool, but it’s certainly not the only one.

As per the last paragraph of your edit:
There’s only one jazz song that I like (that’s right, I actually said like. It’s “Minor Swing” by Mattias Eklundh. That guy is a MONSTER.

+ Comment by Stephen H
2007-04-13 05:34:43

Damnation !

But don’t worry – I have the version you have…
Since ’99 in fact …. and was / (and still am) very happy with it !

I’m sure you’ll easily come across the other version soon !
Have you actually seen the film itself – ?! It’s my favourite film of all time !

Y’ know, I’d be really embarrassed to say how many times I’ve actually watched it !
So, may I also recommend the DVD ?! – (I’m sure you’ll like it) – It is, a unique and very special film…

Genius, isn’t a word I use lightly, but I feel it really does apply, to both Sergio Leonne AND Ennio Morricone…
I LOVE their work !

Okay, I’m off to bed, and wish you well Jomaheux !
I’m sure we’ll “speak” again here soon…

Cheers ! n’ Take care !

+ Comment by JoeJoe
2007-04-13 07:26:24

Hey, just on your update – I hope I dont fit into that
““if you don’t like jazz you are an ignorant cretinâ€? attitude is expressed by self-important, pretentious, holier-than-thou asshats who, by appointing themselves the arbiters of the musical tastes of others, give jazz a bad name amongst those who dislike its characteristic sound.”

persona, or that it came off as though I did. I like to respect everyones musical choice, and everyones right to voice both their tastes, and dislikes about things. I can definatly understand your dislike for Jazz, I like some, not all (again, like Kristoff said, it can be a bit all over the place at times).
I really don’t think anyone can be “arbiters of the musical tastes of others”, and people who suddenly belive that cause now they listen to Jazz, they are greater musicians than people who don’t. At the the end of the day, Britney Spears still sells more albums than jazz =P so obviously she must know something they don’t… hehe

But just in case it did seem as I was one of those people, I humbly appologise, and promise you I am not that way inclind at all. =)

Now… where are those kitty videos again…..

+ Comment by Kristof
2007-04-13 08:35:54

Hej Lori,

Welcome to the interweb ;) Very nice rebuke. I see you’re learning a lot from your BE fellows ;) It “reads” very BE, anyway …

But remember that not only Jazz has those “defenders”. If, tomorrow, you wrote a similar thing about metal, funk, or balalaika music, chances are you’d get the same response. I don’t know what it is, but people seem to have become very opinionated since the arrival of the “interweb”. But then again, you already knew that.

And … back to music: make sure to check out Paco de Lucia and his rasgeados. I’ve been a follower of Paco for a long time and every time I see him play I’m stunned at how good he is.

+ Comment by Lorinator
2007-04-13 13:15:38

JoeJoe: Oh gosh, no! My apologies; nothing I wrote in my post was directed at you (or anyone here!). I was referring to anonymous forum losers.

Kristof: It’s fine to have an opinion (as long as I agree with it — hahhaha). Seriously though, I mainly object to the way internet anonymity seems to bring out the worst in people.

Posting under my real name carries an element of risk (just look at what just happened to my idol Kathy Sierra). But I believe so strongly in “owning one’s own words” that it’s a risk I’m happy to take.

Thanks for the tip about Paco — duly noted! :)

jomaheux: Cool, glad you got the Tallis. My favorite version is the one conducted by Barbirolli. About the length: It’s definitely not music for people with short attention spans. You have to listen to the whole thing and let it tell you its story. For me it’s an tragic tale of star-crossed lovers, whose souls finally meet again in the afterworld.

Violet: Hi! Nice to “meet” you :-) No need to worry about your English here, I promise. And anyway, your English seems just fine! I’m glad you’re finding the videos useful.

Chen: Sorry to hear that. Why can’t people be more tolerant of others’ tastes? Anyway, I’ve never been into punk music, and it’s sure not something I’d listen to for pleasure. I did try playing in punk band for a little while (just for fun) when I was younger. It didn’t last long…

Sonc: Thanks for the tip about “Minor Swing.” I agree with you on IA being a monster player. He’s scary (but apparently a really nice guy).

+ Comment by Mike
2007-04-13 15:27:34

Hi Lori,
Just found your page.. Great videos & playing tips. I was gonna put my hands in the toaster after hearing you, but I guess I’ll come back for more lessons instead.
Anyway, I was wondering if there are any jazz players you do like? My favorites are Allan Holdsworth & Pat Metheny (reading PM slam Kenny G on his website, I think he hates that crap as much as you!).. cheers
ps.. I’ve got a pink San Dimas Charvel. Pink rocks!

+ Comment by Stephen H
2007-04-13 20:58:59

Howdy Lori !

Well, regarding “Two Mules for Sister Sara”…

It certainly is / was released and available on CD !
I’ve located it in quite a few places, so it shouldn’t be a problem !

This place is in the UK: A good price – new…
(but out of stock at the moment !)

It’s also available through Amazon…
However, it does cost “a few dollars more !”
(Aww c’mon – who could honestly resist that ?!)


And as you’d expect…
(There’s always) – ebay !

Hope this helps…
Maybe I’ve overdone it with these links ?! – (if so) – my apologies !

[Lori's edit: No problem; I've edited the links for ya! ]

Actually, I wasn’t even aware that “Two Mules” was by Ennio Morricone…
I’m a devout “Spaghetti Western” lover ! – (Y’ know something ?! I always find, that…) – people really love ‘em, or hate them with a passion !

Funny that ! – Anyway – Adios Amiga !

Lot’s a’ (Lori) Love,
Stephen (x)

+ Comment by Rob
2007-04-13 23:30:18

Hi Lori, good to see those new vids online. Sounds cool as ever. Keep em comin’…

Erm, you tried punk? That must have been seriously a long time ago, haha. At least this fact created a smile on my face ;-) (ROTFL)

And I can agree with you, jazz is neither my style — though I’ve also nothing against people who like it… As JoeJoe said, it’s a good thing to have and accept different tastes :-)

Enjoy the weather and take care.
Huggies, Robbo.

+ Comment by Mps
2007-04-14 01:54:34


I found your website a few moments ago and woman … you’re hot!!! Hahahahaha!

Your guitar skills are really, really great!!!

Thanks for share this with us!

Warm hugs from Brazil!!!!!!


+ Comment by Joe
2007-04-14 12:10:54

So you don’t like jazz. How about blues in just intonation? ;) Check out the first instrumental track.

+ Comment by Laurie Monk
2007-04-14 12:30:22

Do you hate all jazz?

I’m sure there must be some stuff you like?

What about fusion playing like Allan Holdsworth?

+ Comment by Lorinator
2007-04-14 16:34:46

Mike: Thanks for stopping by; glad you’re finding something useful here. I do like the
way Pat Metheny plays on the soundrack of the film “Under Fire.” But that’s Latin style on a classical guitar.

For me, Holdsworth is in the category of guitarists whom I respect for their abilities, but whose music I just can’t listen to for pleasure. I’m sure there’s the odd song or niche genre within jazz that I might like if I heard it. But I’m just not motivated to devote precious time from my one life to exploring jazz; the ROI looks way too small to justify the investment of time and energy. But that’s just me!

Stephen: Thanks for the links. I got it covered now. There’s only one track on the soundtrack that I wanted to hear again; the rest is not quite up to Morricone’s usual standards, I’m afraid (before anyone goes out buying it for themselves!).

Rob: Glad you like the vids. Yes, I did try punk at one point, just for fun. But it really didn’t last long…I just didn’t have a good punk attitude!

Mps: Thanks for taking the time to say hi!

Joe: Oh dear, now I’m really going to make some enemies. I don’t like blues, either, I’m afraid. It just doesn’t do it for me. Almost sacrilege for a guitar player to admit, I know, but there it is. The odd blues song can be good, like Zep’s “Since I been lovin’ you.” And blues-based hard rock (UFO, Whitesnake, Kingdom Come) can be really cool.

Laurie: I suppose “hate” is a pretty strong word, and I’m sure there might be some sub-genres of jazz and fusion that I might like. But given that I don’t have enough time to listen as much as I’d like to the music that I LOVE, I’m not exactly motivated to find out. It’s all about carrying capacity! Life’s too short to listen to stuff that doesn’t give me pleasant feelings. Jazz just gives me bad feelings. But again, that’s just me!

+ Comment by Mps
2007-04-14 16:46:12

You’re welcome! I’m still reading your old posts! :D

+ Comment by Michael Leslie
2007-04-14 18:41:41

I feel your pain Lori…not only do jazzers add 7ths and 9ths to everything but then they go further and do 11ths and 13ths and go even further by sharping or flatting the 5th, 9th, 11th, or 13th to make sometimes the most dissonant harmonies possible. I spent some time at university studying guitar in the jazz department. I would have continued but I cannot listen to jazz exclusively (a requirement) all day every day. I will take my jazz in doses and stick with prog rock/metal and fusion.

+ Comment by Joe
2007-04-14 19:31:53

Oh no, the blues forums will tear you up! Just kidding. They’ll probably just write a song about you. Actually, I’m more of a blues-rock guy. That link had some unique harmonies though (not like jazz).

+ Comment by Lorinator
2007-04-14 21:57:04

Michael: At one point I considered going to MI. But I changed my mind after one visit there, because of all the JAZZ everywhere. Ugh. It would have killed me. For theory, I’d much rather study classical.

Joe: Forums, schmorums, hahah! ;-) I love drama and soaring melodies, and blues doesn’t really give me that. But it doesn’t mean that it’s not good. Just that it’s not up my street.

Ugh, enough of this negativity! I’m going to close this thread for comments — time to move on to something more positive!


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