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Stream of Passion announce new guitarist (2 of 2)

Hot off the Stream of Passion website: The third new member’s identity has been announced. It’s guitarist Stephan Schultz. Congratulations, Stephan! The band is now officially complete and read to rock! \m/

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+ Comment by Kristof
2007-07-03 11:55:56

First guy in the line-up that I don’t know. Anxious for the new songs now!

+ Comment by Neo
2007-07-03 19:20:54

Arjen was the only one that composed on Stream of Passion right?
Maybe the new songs are Death metal O_o. Who knows…

+ Comment by Joop B
2007-07-04 12:01:07

Arjen wrote the music, but Marcela contributed a lot of the melody-lines for the vocal-parts.

+ Comment by Maarten (aka Icey)
2007-07-04 20:50:18

Arjen wrote the main lines of the music. Marcela contributed a lot on the melody’s and vocals of course and all the other band members had their input into SoP.. Lori with her solo’s, Alejandro with his pianoparts.. Johan putting in some more groove into the bass parts than Arjen normally would..

But yeah the new songs will be different, sure.. but im curious for them anyway.

+ Comment by LadyLau
2007-07-07 14:44:15

New stuff will sure be different! It’d be cool if they had some samples already of just them playing together..


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