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Sometimes I hate email

Sorry for getting all meta on y’all, but someone keeps sending me nasty mails complaining that I haven’t responded to his emails (what a way to win me over…). The last one was so bad that I have to say something here, as my mails to this person obviously aren’t getting through., you need to check your spam filter. I have replied to ALL your mails, even the last totally snotty one.

Life is too short, I tell ya…

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+ Comment by MamadalicA
2007-09-04 16:40:28


+ Comment by MamadalicA
2007-09-04 16:42:18

That email address does look like a fake one!

+ Comment by Lorinator
2007-09-04 17:59:02

I changed the domain of the email address because it wouldn’t be ethical to post the real one. The domain is one of the many free services available.

+ Comment by Dread
2007-09-04 18:42:16

Hi, i’m from Argentina =P i never mailed you because i didn’t want to disturb you, but this post is a good opportunity to tell you how much i like you and your blog. keep rocking =)

+ Comment by Lorinator
2007-09-04 18:54:53

Muchas gracias! Nice emails are never a bother — I love hearing from visitors to my sites. But before I had the strongly worded contact page I got far too many mails from total strangers cheekily asking me for very time-consuming favors.

Now at least I can just delete mails like that with a clear conscience.

+ Comment by Gwen
2007-09-04 20:01:26

I don’t know why somebody would be complaining about receiving mail back, I think you are one of the most responsive people I know, time doesn’t matter then.


+ Comment by Maarten (aka Icey)
2007-09-04 21:29:38

Sometimes I hate email too.. im gonna have to think of a bunch of aliases which I wanna use and shut off the damn spam filter.. getting loooooooaads of “this message has been blocked by spam filter” isnt funny anymore.. this is the fraggin third time it happened :evil:

Sooo who’s got some ideas for me to use before the @ symbol (besides ‘maarten’ and ‘info’)

(Yeah I know.. I am totally abusing Lori’s blog for this.. but it just burst out like that seeing the line “I hate email” )

+ Comment by Timmy
2007-09-05 16:55:37

Does it have to make sense? Otherwise just generate some random letters…
Could use thisone for example:

And more to Lori’s topic… Guess that’s what you get for beeing nice and giving out your e-mail… :(
But it did make me remember an anectdote that Mattias IA Eklundh (Freak Kitchen) told when I visited his guitar clinic he had, of how he was offered to get signed to Steve Vai’s record company (Favored Nations). Since he too as a famous guitarist gets lots and lots of e-mails everyday when he one day got an mail from Steve Vai telling him how cool music he made and stuff IA just deleted it, becouse as he said he gets e-mails from Jimi Hendrix every day he just thought it was some more silliness… Of course it was actually Vai who sent the mail, but luckily for IA he tried again and this time was more convincing I guess. ^^
I suppose that’s why you should handle important things with people you don’t know by phone or something. ^^,

Sorry for beeing random. :P

+ Comment by MamadalicA
2007-09-04 21:34:59

oops! I thought that was an actual email address! :neutral:

+ Comment by Kristof
2007-09-04 23:45:37

Some people, really :)


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