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ShredTracker guitar practice diary for 2009

ShredTracker for guitar shred practiceIn the spirit of starting 2009 on a positive note, my first post is updated ShredTracker forms for 2009.

The ShredTracker is a form for systematically tracking your weekly guitar practice routine (and hopefully your progress). Its design is inspired by my form idol Dave Seah’s PCEO series.

The ShredTracker weekly diary is in European A4 format and comes in two colors: Pink (of course) and Blue for macho types who “don’t do pink.” Download this filled-in example to see how it can be used. Happy practicing!

ShredTracker Weekly Practice Diary, Blue (PDF 400k)ShredTracker Weekly Practice Diary, Pink PDF 400k)ShredTracker Weekly Practice Diary, filled in example (PDF 300)

If the word “shred” offends your tender sensibilities, then you might prefer my my more neutral version called (drumroll) the PracticeTracker.

Practice Tracker Weekly Guitar Practice Diary in Blue

Practce Tracker Weekly Guitar Practice Diary in Pink

You can find out more about how to use the ShredTracker in my original post.

Oh, and by the way, I’m taking an indefinite break from email and social media of all kinds. Email to my standard web addresses will be deleted unread until further notice.

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+ Comment by andresr
2009-01-10 00:35:19

ju hu!!! :banana: :banana:
great to see ya back migthy metal godess we missed you a lot.

and happy unplugging from the web :guitar:

+ Comment by Lal
2009-01-12 09:32:07

Does this indefinite hiatus affect your blog here? :neutral: I’ve been checking periodically for the past several months, hoping there would be something new.. oh well. I’ve got the Ayreon blog in my bookmarks too. But I hope you’ll keep some activity here at PLAG!

+ Comment by Corny
2009-01-12 21:24:28

Hey Lori, great to hear from you! I hope your medial break works and gives you more time to achieve your personal goals.

My goal for 2009: More practicing, les procrastinating. ;-)

Happy new year anyway!

+ Comment by trystia
2009-01-14 20:20:44

Wah this will be usefull for me since these days im practicing a lot without any order… Enjoy your social media break, we will be here waiting for you :grin:


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