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Playing like a girl is harder than it looks

Many are called, but few are chosen…

Stream of passion's new guitarist
Thanks to Hugo and Taz for the link!
I actually like his top better than my own ;-)

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+ Comment by taz
2007-04-21 20:44:28

Imitation is the highest form of flattery ,right?

Greetz Taz

+ Comment by Rob
2007-04-21 20:46:44


+ Comment by Michael Leslie
2007-04-21 21:01:59

looks like somebody forgot to shave…thats just scary. Funny but scary.

+ Comment by Sylvain
2007-04-21 23:37:34

Nice pic !!! :-D

+ Comment by Sonic
2007-04-21 23:43:20

I’m glad you got a kick out of the pic!

Now I can tell you all from experience, it feels METAAAAL to be Lori. ^_^

+ Comment by Andrew
2007-04-21 23:50:37

You said you weren’t feeling well… Did it have anything to do with growing manberries? Yikes!

+ Comment by Juan
2007-04-22 00:11:08

hehehhehe :D

Mmmm just wondering where did he get the guitar and wig… :)

+ Comment by Eva
2007-04-22 00:15:58

Funny!! :D:D:D:D:D

+ Comment by Chen
2007-04-22 13:05:15

4:48 in the morning and I was READY to hit the sack. When growing up, my parents never give up on me. Now I’m finally subdued, I surrender. Yes, you can’t afford to straighten up your hair, at least shave your armpit, Lori. How many years did it manage to grow up to your chin? Plus, loose leather pants: worse than bad breath.

+ Comment by Adam
2007-04-22 17:02:52

LMAO hilarious!

+ Comment by Gwen
2007-04-23 16:33:59


your personal stand in

think it will sound the same?
doubtfull !!!


+ Comment by Kristof
2007-04-23 17:19:11

Is that your stunt guitarist?

+ Comment by Lorinator
2007-04-23 18:07:15

Hahaha, no, not a stunt guitarist or stand in. It’s what I look like if I don’t have my magic dolphin charm.

+ Comment by manounerockeuse
2007-04-23 18:28:41

yes!!! it’s true lol
and very nice foto

+ Comment by Maverick
2007-04-23 20:48:27

The guitar is his own. And I think he SHOULD be your personal stand-in :-p

+ Comment by Sonic
2007-04-23 21:56:40

Gwen: The difference in sound will be directly related to the difference in looks.

In other words:
Lori makes the guitar scream. I’d make it fart and belch.

+ Comment by Laurie Monk
2007-04-23 22:52:07


+ Comment by Juan
2007-04-24 02:54:55

I love that Delfinius pic! I haven’t seen him in a long time. :D

+ Comment by Gwen
2007-04-24 10:34:51

hahaahah sonic funny

who knows what good can come of it


+ Comment by Appelmoes??
2007-04-24 12:46:53

Who’s going to do Marcela? (I’m too tall :P)

+ Comment by Taz
2007-04-24 14:21:49

@Appel: In that case you can do Arjen ;-)

Greetz Taz

+ Comment by Cyclops
2007-04-27 18:44:23

LOL! My sence of humor is excelent, but stuff like this, I could never pull off!

HAILS to the man with the hairy chest and loose trousers!

+ Comment by infernal majestic
2007-06-06 18:39:57

too hard too cool to lick.but i try practice follow my great than u teach.i want to battle solo with u.are u ready?

+ Comment by infernal majestic
2007-06-06 18:49:21

your skill like joe satriani and steve vai.but u can play like herman li from dragonforce?too many guitars hero in the world……………

+ Comment by necrobalsagoth
2007-06-10 22:32:20

everyone can play like this but someting must remember,PRACTICE,PRACTISE,PRACTISE………anytime anywhere.i can play until 5-6hours perday.practice hard…………ha ha ha ha

+ Comment by necrobalsagoth
2007-06-10 22:35:04

errrrrrrrrrr………..i love her,she cute,my heart is going down…but my weapon BC RICH WARLOCK NEVER SURRENDER!!!!!!!!beware of darkness.see u……..


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