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On the road again

Just in case you hadn’t heard the news, Stream of Passion ft. Ayreon <---(check out the spiffy new website!) will be hitting the road again in early 2007. Hope to be able to see you all (again :-) ) then!

The following dates/venues are confirmed:

18 Jan, The Rock / Copenhagen (DK)

19 Jan, Nosturi / Helsinki (FI)

21 Jan, Biebob / Turnhout (BE)

25 Jan, Lucky & Co. / Rijssen (NL)

26 Jan, Bibelot / Dordrecht (NL)

02 Feb, The Dome / London (UK) Moved to 04 Feb

03 Feb, (Venue TBA) / Rotherham or Sheffield (UK)

04 Feb, The Boston Music Room / London (UK)

Update: Cool - we’re going to Finland! :-) There are (STILL) a couple more gigs in the works; I’ll post more news as soon as I have it.

Update 2: Apparently there is some confusion about the Feb 3 UK city/venue. Last I heard, there was a chance it would be moved to Sheffield, but it still wasn’t 100% certain.

Update 3: Thank goodness I have YOU ALL to let me know when the gigs are ;-) Jan 25, Rijssen!

Update 4: CRS have organized a gig for us in London on 4 Feb. :-)

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+ Comment by Lorinator
2006-12-06 20:34:05

If you plan to come see us play AND if you plan to bring expensive electronic equipment with you, stay away from the “destruct-o-matic zone” on stage left… ;-)

+ Comment by Appelmoes??
2006-12-06 20:39:32

LOL!! And I’m soooo looking forward to hearing “Computer dies” :D ;)

+ Comment by LadyLau
2006-12-06 20:42:08

Wow! It will be so great to see you play again! This is really great news!

Ps. Glad I’m no (semi-prof.) photographer… 8)

+ Comment by Kristof
2006-12-06 21:15:08

I’ll be there at Dordrecht, and if possible in Turnhout as well!

+ Comment by Kristof
2006-12-06 21:44:45

Seriously, I’m smiling and being very very happy to be able to see you guys again real soon!

+ Comment by Appelmoes??
2006-12-06 21:54:30

ANd of course: Another mini-meet!

+ Comment by Maarten (aka Icey)
2006-12-06 21:56:05

My other camera didnt break last time in Hardenberg and I was right in front of you.. so camera does not equal computer ergo.. it’s safe.. and yeah I do plan on visiting you guys again.. with camera of course

+ Comment by Rob
2006-12-06 22:40:09

Friggin awesome news, though I’m not sure to see you at one of these… A little too far away :-(

+ Comment by Kristof
2006-12-06 23:00:28

Lori, you’re still welcome to come check out that Pod XT Live! Including but not limited to a drive from and to the Electric Castle if need be :D

I’ll even run a red light and chant “Breaking the Law” if you want to!

+ Comment by mcophie
2006-12-06 23:23:01

I will be in Rotherham if it kills me!

As for flying to far away places… We’ll have to see about that one this time :|

+ Comment by JoeJoe
2006-12-07 06:27:05

Well… if I can raise some $3000 odd dollars, Ill be there! If not… I might attempt the smiw from Australia…. which would be rather comical… seeing as I can’t swin…

Good to hear that the band is still keeping busy! =)

+ Comment by Gwen
2006-12-07 06:44:37

JIPPIEEE can’t wait to finally meet you guys and see you all perform live


+ Comment by Taz
2006-12-07 10:23:26

I’ll be in Dordrecht and Turnhout for sure. And I am really contemplating going to Copenhagen since I have the complete week off…Hmm now get my finances together: Any place left on the tourbus? Will work for tickets haha! ;-)

Greetz Taz

+ Comment by Jen (Wabe)
2006-12-07 11:27:19

Yay!! I might actually come and talk to you properly this time and hug you and get my picture taken with you! Wooo! I need to go shopping for a gig outfit now!

+ Comment by Rob
2006-12-07 12:38:31

I’ll try to get to Dordrecht and Turnhout. The others are just too far away, and thus too expensive for this poor student, haha…
Though I’d be in heaven when I can attend just two…

Ciao, Rob

+ Comment by Jen (Wabe)
2006-12-07 14:17:49

Oooh are you going to London too? Or just Rotherham?>

+ Comment by Jen (Wabe)
2006-12-07 14:21:54

Oh and please please please please play EMbrace the Storm!!! Pretty please? It could be a birthday pressie as the gig is 3 days after I turn 19!!

+ Comment by John
2006-12-07 18:37:25

Not to be a xenophobe, but alas, the US seems to be left off the list. I am extremely happy though to see that the band is still going strong. One day, when I’m rich, I guess I’m going to have to underwrite a tour of the US. Will the entire band be able to fit in my guest room?

+ Comment by Sylvain
2006-12-07 19:04:52

Great news, but I hope you’ll find Paris on your way !

+ Comment by Juan
2006-12-08 00:17:02

Great! Another Ayreon tour I won’t be able to see :(

But hey! Really happy to have the Lorinator back on the road again! Which means: A NEW TOUR DIARY!!! Yay! :D

+ Comment by Gwen
2006-12-08 08:38:10

he lori,

I have a big garden, hahahahahahhahahaha


+ Comment by Cos
2006-12-08 15:03:31

Hi All

Horray, the axe queen is coming to England with the Sopies. Can’t wait to actually see you and the rest of the band live, instead of just on a Dvd.


+ Comment by Maarten (aka Icey)
2006-12-09 03:18:28

I know another date than the four posted :D

2 feb. Podium Hardenberg

I was just at the Gathering there (wonderfull show truly lovely) and when I got in it was written behind the entry desk. Which was just put up tonight.

+ Comment by Kristof
2006-12-09 11:45:00


+ Comment by Eva
2006-12-09 12:58:16

Those are GREAT news indeed!!!!!!!!!

I’m soooo happy for you really,but not so happy for me as I won’t be able to go to the you guys again… sigh…

Big Hugs!!

+ Comment by Hugo
2006-12-09 14:11:10

Hardenberg? That’s great!!!
Definitely going there.

+ Comment by Lorinator
2006-12-09 18:23:20

Man, so glad I have you guys to keep me informed, because I’d not heard anything about Hardenberg yet. ;-) But just point me in the right direction and I’ll be there :D

+ Comment by Appelmoes??
2006-12-09 23:25:01

To keep you even more updated, Yvette replied with the following concerning the Hardenberg gig:

“Well, that is unknown to me, and a bit strange as the band is in England the next day. So don’t write it in your calenders yet.

On a brighter note: we are looking into getting a gig up north somewhere. So fingers crossed.”

+ Comment by Maarten (aka Icey)
2006-12-10 02:48:04

Seems like this whole Hardenberg thing is new to everyone (except the venue as they put the notice up)

+ Comment by Kristof
2006-12-10 16:08:42

The right direction? So, you leave your house and it’s generally just South for a few hundred more miles :) Ask for directions again later, when in Holland :)

+ Comment by Janne Stark
2006-12-11 01:40:45

Cewl! If you need a guitar roadie in Copenhagen… well, I’ll be there anyway!

(Now I just have to get you into Sweden Rock as well!)

+ Comment by Taz
2006-12-11 20:36:45

You can add Helsinki, Finland on the 19th to the list of gigs as well…

Lori, for you that is leave your apartment, take a sharp left,cross the pond and ask for directions over there…;-)

Greetz Taz

+ Comment by Lorinator
2006-12-12 10:48:48

Thanks for the directions, Tazzie! :-) Heck, when in doubt I just follow the smell of Metaaaaaal! ;-)

Janne, awesome if you can make it!

It’s gonna be so great to have the chance to meet and play for y’all again, some of you for the first time! Just don’t forget the bananas… :-)

+ Comment by LadyLau
2006-12-12 10:56:47

It’s gonna be awesome to see you play again!! Already looking forward to it!!
How about another banana-contest? ;-)

+ Comment by mcophie
2006-12-12 10:59:42

Better brush up on that sauna etiquette ;)

+ Comment by Jen (Wabe)
2006-12-12 11:59:41

Can still only go to Rotherham :(

You going to London do you know? Perhaps I need to ask Yvette…Go to London anyway and play in a Park, I’d come see you :D

+ Comment by Rob
2006-12-12 15:06:32

Lori, I hope you’ll get the chance to play in Sweden! ;-)

+ Comment by Marin
2006-12-12 17:16:57

Hey Jen(Wade) I like that idea Passion in the Park has a good ring to it :)

+ Comment by John
2006-12-12 17:50:30

Passion in the Park sounds like a great idea. A picnic basket with a nice wine, cheese, and bananas would be perfect with that.

+ Comment by Jen (Wabe)
2006-12-12 18:23:37

I’m clearly on to somethign!!! Although maybe not in Feb…might be a tad chilly!!

+ Comment by Maarten (aka Icey)
2006-12-12 23:06:50

Why not?? What’s wrong with things being chilly.. I’ve seen a lot of relations start on chilly larp events (something with sharing body heat and such it’s quite cute to see stuff like that happen)

+ Comment by Kristof
2006-12-12 23:56:17

Tickets have been ordered! Can’t wait for January.

Oh wait, I can, because we’re supporting Delain this month :)

+ Comment by Jen (Wabe)
2006-12-13 11:34:28

Yay! Sheffield tickets on sale next week! Wish it was in Rotherham again though, I liked it there, nice and big etc. Will be there regardless though :) Watch out for me Lori!!

+ Comment by mcophie
2006-12-13 18:44:22

How do you know it’s Sheffield and why was I not informed? :|

+ Comment by Vanessa
2006-12-13 22:34:43

Lori!!! you have quite a fandom over here in Venezuela, you should come to play here.

+ Comment by Jen (Wabe)
2006-12-13 23:06:46

Says so on the Classic Rock society webpage who book all the gigs for SOP in the North of England!! if your interested.

+ Comment by Marcel
2006-12-14 11:23:09

We saw S.O.P. twice, in Rijssen and Hardenberg. The DVD is also beautifull (we were there!!). So in 2007 we will see you again, we hardly can’t wait.

+ Comment by Math
2006-12-14 13:09:33

Oh! it’s so sad… There’s no date in France :’( !
Maybe later… I hope ! I love your strat work; beautiful !
Vive la Suede ;)

+ Comment by Cos
2006-12-14 14:34:20

Hi All

“Jen (Wabe)” The link didn’t work, something is wrong with site. Is it definitely in Sheffield? This is getting confusing, ahh my head, 8-).

Lori can you Help with where and what dates your playing in England?

Second question, this is for English “John” and “Jen (wabe)” where can you buy inflatable banana’s.

+ Comment by mcophie
2006-12-14 14:35:23

Thanks Jen!

+ Comment by Cyclopssss
2006-12-14 15:35:44

Woot woot! (anxiously awaiting more data. ehr..dates)


+ Comment by mcophie
2006-12-14 16:41:43

“where can you buy inflatable banana’s.”

I bought the first batch in a joke shop next door to where I work, and the second batch on ebay. I was buying loads so it worked out better to get them on ebay, because they came in 10’s. You could probably find single ones there too though. Don’t forget to draw a face on it ;)

+ Comment by Rob
2006-12-14 16:56:48

Or let the Soppies draw a face and text on it ;-)

Yeah, tonight it’s Mostly Autumn time for me :-D

+ Comment by Kristof
2006-12-14 16:59:28

Hey Lori,

You’ll finally be able to test-drive your Finnish Sauna Etiquette!

+ Comment by Marcel
2006-12-14 17:02:38

I have just send an email to “poppodium Hardenberg, Netherlands” and asked about the show of Stream of Passion on February 2 next year.
The answer was: “no show, unfortunattely and also no new date.”
So now we have to travel a few kilometres more to Dordrecht or Turnhout.

+ Comment by Lorinator
2006-12-14 18:57:25

Need bananas? ;-)

Cos, I think the England dates are still being confirmed. You guys will probably hear through the grapevine before I actually hear anything myself, but I’ll post here as soon as I have any reliable info.

+ Comment by Maarten (aka Icey)
2006-12-14 22:14:06

Yeah the Hardenberg one was strange… I spotted.. posted it around on the ayreon and sop forums too.. and Yvette, Arjen’s manager saw that and jumped on it saying ‘heeey that’s not right’ so yeah still waiting if there will be a gig somewhat more to the east.

And if not.. SoP-fans on tour.. coz I sure as hell will have to see them again

+ Comment by Jen (Wabe)
2006-12-15 00:16:44

“Stream of Passion return to the CRS on Saturday 3rd February 2007. Due to Rotherham venues being booked up we are taking the gig to The Boardwalk, Sheffield. Tickets are £15 (£13 CRS members advance) and will be available next week.”

I had my mate quote it on

Just so you know

Oh and the Boardwalk is a smaller venue so book early!!

+ Comment by Juan
2006-12-15 06:01:42

Mmmm I think it’s time we put those bananas on the Ayreon shop don’t you think?

+ Comment by Kristof
2006-12-15 09:52:28

Thanks, Lori! I got one that’s my size. 1.70m :)

+ Comment by Kristof
2006-12-15 09:53:11

I am now contemplating quitting smoking because I might die blowing that banana up if I don’t.

Nah, I’ll take the risk!

+ Comment by Cos
2006-12-15 18:16:53

Cheers for the link Lori and thanks to the rest of you for the info.

I will try and spot everyone and say hi at the gig where ever we end up, (duh look for banana’s).

+ Comment by Kristof
2006-12-17 13:11:12

SoP: 25 January, Lucky & Co, Rijssen!!!

+ Comment by Lúthien
2006-12-17 14:34:10

Hii Lori!!

I love your work on Stream of Passion!
I hope see SoP in Portugal, someday!
keep on rocking,
Play Like a Girl ;)


+ Comment by Maarten (aka Icey)
2006-12-17 17:11:41

Damn you.. I found that first.. just wanted to wait posting it here until I had confirmation (not like last time with the Hardenberg date)

But I wanna be there.. with camera!

+ Comment by LadyLau
2006-12-17 17:49:54

And it’s confirmed on Arjen’s website! So Rijssen it will be for sure (and maybe maybe Dordrecht, don’t know yet.. ).
How’s the planning and stuff going? You got time for some sight-seeing too? ;-)

+ Comment by Marcel
2006-12-17 17:54:53

Very good, very cosy, very near by.
Rijssen, here we come for the second time (and perhaps Dordrecht) !

+ Comment by Rob
2006-12-17 23:15:19

Whoohoo, Rijssen, I’ll be there! (in case you had some small doubts running through your lovely head…)

Lori, wanna drink something at my house? ;-)
It’s not even a ten-minute walk away…

Yeah, after a lovely concert from Mostly Autumn, I’m again in heaven with this news :-D

+ Comment by Kristof
2006-12-18 14:07:59

Hey Icey,

I’m sorry, I didn’t want to steal your scoop. I was just excited about this!

+ Comment by Maarten (aka Icey)
2006-12-18 14:45:15

It’s okay.. that really sounded worse than I meant it I guess.

Although I do think that if Lori decides to take up on Rob’s offer he should invite all of us avid “Play like a girl” readers

+ Comment by Rob
2006-12-18 17:38:44

Hey Icey, my house isn’t a plain café ;-)
Only VIP’s are welcomed, haha…

+ Comment by Hugo T
2006-12-18 19:46:43

That’s what Icey said. “All of us PLOG readers” ;-)

+ Comment by Lorinator
2006-12-18 22:05:51

It amazes me how you guys find out about these gigs before *I* do…Yvette is fast, but you guys somehow are FASTER! ;-) I have good memories from Rijssen, so it will be fun to play there again.

Rob, that’s a really sweet offer. I’ve got a lot to prepare between sound check and showtime, so I doubt there’s much time for socializing. But if there’s plenty of time I’ll be sure to let you know :-) But I think the other loyal PLAG-gers should come with me, because if I go by myself, people might think we’re lovers… ;-)

+ Comment by Rob
2006-12-18 22:52:39

We, lovers? Just good friends doesn’t have to be lovers directly… Well, you can take some other Soppies (Davy, Marcela?) with you — no problem…
Though I guess it’s not really interesting for other gentle PLAG-gers to come to my place :-?

Nevertheless, I’ll wish you a warm welcome back in Rijssen :-)

+ Comment by Kristof
2006-12-18 22:52:44

And if we all go, Rob’s neighbourhood will think we’re swingers … Eh …

Maybe Rob can take a wireless laptop and stream the whole performance through the internet!

+ Comment by Rob
2006-12-19 00:12:00

Whaha, we got actually a huge field of grass in our street, which can store over 1000 people, I think… Enough space to swing out loud!

Euhm, you know what might happen to my laptop when Lori comes? I don’t dare to risk that ;-)

+ Comment by Maarten (aka Icey)
2006-12-19 00:50:59

About finding out about gigs… the Hardenberg date was accidental.. they had only ‘published’ it within the venue on the night that I was there to see the Gathering.

As for the Rijssen date, Lucky had it online before Yvette had it out. And well as a photographer (and pretty much internet active person) relatively close to Lucky I use the messaging service of Lucky to keep me updated of gigs planned there. Kinda like an rss feed but then for email.

That’s how Im faster than Yvette.. pure coincidentally + internet active personality.

+ Comment by Taz
2006-12-19 16:01:14

That’s three gigs already for me confirmed! I like it I like it :-)

See y’all at Dordrecht,Turnhout or Rijssen! ( And still contemplating Copenhagen)

Greetz Taz

+ Comment by Rob
2006-12-20 22:49:22

Yeah, the gig in Rijssen is confirmed for me! Two left now…


+ Comment by mcophie
2006-12-21 00:13:10

A London show is EXTRA great!! :D

+ Comment by Cos
2006-12-22 16:32:37

Hi all

Ordering my ticket for sheffield after chrismas when I definitely have the money. Cheers for the add Lori and Wabe.

+ Comment by Marcel
2006-12-28 09:32:09

How is it possible?
Still tickets available for Rijssen!

+ Comment by Maarten (aka Icey)
2006-12-28 13:43:18

Hmm dunno.. dont care either if it doesnt sell out.. more space for us

+ Comment by Rob
2006-12-28 22:23:22

The venue in Rijssen is pretty big… (it has actually plans to grow even further in the future).
Davy told me some time ago, he had some doubts about the tickets for Lucky&Co. He wouldn’t like to play in an empty venue, hehe…
So I promised to buy a ticket (I did), and ask as many others to come too (I did too — probably my cousine and uncle, and classmate and his brother will come).
Though I guess it won’t sell out before January 25th.

Come folks, come!

+ Comment by LadyLau
2006-12-29 00:46:00

Two more tickets will be sold probably next week to me and my roommate, didn’t get them yet. I don’t know if it will sell out, but it sure will be full enough! Like last year with the DVD recording I hope… I’m dragging everyone along I can think of ;) And I don’t mind if it doesn’t sell out, leaves more time for us with you SoPies ;)


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