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New job – new blog

I’ll be blogging about my new job as Arjen’s PM in a different location, because it doesn’t seem right to do that here. You can find it at So if you are curious about what managing a tortured musical genius mastermind ;-) entails, now you know where to find out!

I’ve not finalized the design yet, because I’ve had to set it up in a few spare minutes here and there while on the road for the Promo tour. It will be prettier later. :bunny:

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+ Comment by Neo
2007-12-10 22:14:30

But keep posting on this one too :roll:

+ Comment by Vanessa
2007-12-11 05:04:52

Great!!! Can’t wait to read it!! I love how you never forget about us and always keep us to date with the things you are doing! :) Loyal idol, Loyal fans! :D xxxxxxx

+ Comment by Lorinator
2007-12-11 14:11:01

Thanks! Never fear — once things stabilize for me and I stop feeling like I’m drowning in new things to learn and keep track of, I’ll be blogging like there’s no tomorrow.

+ Comment by Dread
2007-12-11 21:39:29

good luck with your new life Lori

greetings from Argenfockintina

+ Comment by Maarten (aka Icey)
2007-12-12 23:38:36

Yeah.. blog bunny blog!! :bunny:

+ Comment by Juan
2007-12-13 00:31:51

Will be getting your email account? I always wanted one of those. :cry:

Nice to have you back! :banana:

+ Comment by Gwen
2007-12-13 21:05:02

aaah already put your new blog in my favorites, will not miss a thing



+ Comment by Ed
2007-12-20 00:02:31

Oh my, I’m so jealous :

+ Comment by Paul
2007-12-24 21:51:28

I know this is a little off topic but merry christmas to all who celebrate it have a good time !! :guitar:


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