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My guitar demo is available again

demo thumbnailJust a quick heads-up to those of you who have been interested in getting copies of my guitar demo. :woohoo: I’ve got a few available now, but once they’re gone there won’t be more until early November. Please form an orderly queue… :guitar:

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+ Comment by Milton
2007-08-01 23:19:20

Hi Lori,

I ordered one. You have an interesting style based on the samples I listened to. I don’t listen to much instrumental guitar music outside of Satriani and Vai. Most of it tends to be guitarists showing off how fast they can play scales and arpeggios, but you seem to avoid this and focus more on melody. I like that. :smile:

+ Comment by jomaheux
2007-08-02 03:55:47

Yippee!Got one for now! :banana: :guitar: :woohoo: :guitar: :bunny:

+ Comment by Chen
2007-08-02 08:39:22

Please please reserve one for me! Been waiting forever!

+ Comment by Chen
2007-08-02 08:51:18

Oops, lori. I paid through paypal but just find out that the shipping address is my old one. I just sent you an email containing my new address. Please send it to the new address. Thanks a lot!

+ Comment by Matthew Hutchinson
2007-08-02 09:35:27

I just placed my order. Thank you, very much.


+ Comment by Lorinator
2007-08-02 22:49:11

Thanks a bunch for your orders, everyone! I do hope you’ll enjoy the demo :)

+ Comment by RobRob
2007-08-03 00:40:34

Hurrah! And you waited till just after payday too :D *orders*,

+ Comment by azilah
2007-08-03 18:11:41

rare item :guitar:
yay, one for me
*hugs from malaysia :bunny:

+ Comment by Steve
2007-08-03 19:08:58

Hi Lori, Hope that you are having a wonderful day.

I just wanted to say that I recently stumbled(well as much as one can actually stumble on the internet) across one of your Guitar teaching videos on YouTube and from there discovered Stream of Passion. In the course of 5 minutes I had already downloaded 2 songs (Passion and Out in the Real World) and I am hooked. I am sorry to hear that you are no longer with the band but I am sure we will be hearing from you soon.

I look forward to ordering your demo and listening to it(as soon as I can scrape the money together). I have always wanted to learn to play guitar (I sing and it would be nice to be able to accompany myself) and this has just re-ignited that desire, so thanks.

Have a great day. Steve

+ Comment by Michael Leslie
2007-08-04 04:51:02

Hi Lori,
Ordered one, looking forward to hearing it. :guitar: :banana: :banana:

+ Comment by Terence (not gonna say t3r3nz)
2007-08-05 04:31:14

Hi!! I’m a member of the Seymour Duncan Forum and I saw a blog way back when you said you wanted a pickup to be identyfied. Are you still interested in that?? (I’m not advertising the forum or anything!! I think Seymour Duncan doesn’t really need advertising…) If you are let me know so we can get some basic info on it and then let the other people in the forum take it from there.

+ Comment by Roadgod
2007-08-05 07:18:28

hey Lori – how come I never got one of these? Email me info and I can have Paula give you a ring when she is over there in a week or so, or she can stop by/meet up and you can hand her one. She leaves next week and will be over there for 3 weeks.

+ Comment by Lorinator
2007-08-05 22:47:56

You don’t have one because I’m probably the least self-promoting guitarist on the planet :geek: (Long story, don’t ask.) Did you use your real email in the comment form? (Don’t worry — nobody can see it but me.)

+ Comment by Mike
2007-08-05 22:27:08

Woohoo! I just ordered my copy :banana:

Thanks, Lori :)

+ Comment by Lorinator
2007-08-05 22:41:26

Wow, between you all and people from my website I only have one copy left that I can send from here. That means no more signed ones until November…

Thanks for ordering! :banana:

+ Comment by Mike
2007-08-05 22:51:11

Doh! I hope I wasn’t too late :P

+ Comment by Roadgod
2007-08-05 23:58:08

Yes I did Lori – email me away, or call or whatever.


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