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Newsflash: posting on forums no longer a total waste of time

Judging by what I’ve seen on various popular music and guitar forums, people can burn a lot of time arguing debating various issues, gaining only the dubious accomplishment of having taken a turn on the soapbox. But now there’s a way to make money for writing posts in Music Forums: At you can have your say and get paid for doing it.
no more wasting time on the internet

The good

Qooforum is like any other forum, but with one major difference: it shares its ad revenue with its participants. Once you’ve signed up, all you need is an Adsense account and time to write posts on topics that interest you. After writing 50 posts, you can take part in the revenue share program, earning 50% of the Adsense revenue generated by the topics you start. The forum sections are not limited to music; you’ll find everything from Heavy Metal to HTML. Über-popular forums can get vast amounts of traffic, so if the Qooforum takes off, prolific posters could earn some serious cash.

The potentially not-so-good

Even though the idea of making money by wasting time on the internet has undeniable appeal, I do have some reservations about the QooForum revenue sharing model. Their users have a massively vested interest in generating ad clicks…can you say Click Fraud City? And because QooForum uses your Adsense ID to track your earnings, you could find yourself with a banned Adsense account if Google whacks you for invalid clicks on the Qooforum site.

Additionally, it’s in users’ interests to post as many topics as possible just to increase their potential earnings, which is likely to have detrimental effects on the quality of discussion. However, given the lowest-common-denominator level of discourse on many popular forums, this is somewhat of a moot point.

Cunning time-saving ploy

If you already spend a lot of time writing in online forums (or a blog, for that matter), you’ve got nothing to lose by setting up an alternate Adsense ID and giving Qooforums a try. Simply start topics about things you are already writing about elsewhere, then just copy and paste what you’ve already written. Evil, but efficient! :twisted:

[This is a sponsored post, but as many readers here probably frequent various forums, I thought you might find it interesting.]

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