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Mountain of Power

Some tracks from the forthcoming CD “Mountain of Power,” constructed and conducted by Janne Stark (Overdrive, Locomotive Breath) have been posted on the Mountain of Power Myspace site.

Yours truly was lucky enough to get to do two solos for the project, one of which you can hear on “Into the Fire” “Out of the Darkness” (currently up on Myspace). I don’t play through the whole song; it will be funny to see if any of you can tell where I start and stop ;-)

Mountain of Power is slated for a November 2006 release on Grooveyard records. Here is the track info and list of musicians who contributed.


Janne Stark – Lead/rhythm guitars and bass

Guests singers:
Björn Lodin (Baltimoore)
David Fremberg (Andromeda, Space Odyssey)
Roger Holegård (Neon Rose)
Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity, Bloodbath, Nightingale)
Pelle Saether (Zeelion, Zello)
Mattias Osbäck (Locomotive Breath)
Mick Andersson (Cloudscape, Planet Alliance)
Chris Catena (solo, Teenage Rampage)
Micke “Nord” Andersson (Nord, Roxette)
“Boner” (The Bones)

Guest bassists:
Nalle “Grizzly” PÃ¥hlsson (Treat)
Marten Andersson (Lizzy Borden, Legacy)
Björn Englén (Bleed, Quiet Riot, Alannah Myles etc)

Guest guitarists:
Jonas Hansson (Silver Mountain, JHB)
Tommy Denander (Radioactive, solo)
Thomas Larsson (solo, Glenn Hughes)
Sven Cirnski (Bad Habit, Pete Sandberg)
Micke “Nord” Andersson (Nord, Roxette)
Lori Linstruth (Stream Of Passion, Warbride)
Emil Fredholm (Plankton, Fortune)
Christian Neppenström (Plankton)
Jocke Sandberg (Aces High)
Joe Romagnola (Character)

Guest drummers:
Anders Johansson (HammerFall, Yngwie)
Peter Svensson (Faith, Mercy)

1. Out of The Darkness (Moxy) [LL solo]
2. Black Train (Montrose)
3. Love Rock (Neon Rose)
4. In For The Kill (Budgie)
5. One Of A Kind (Wireless)
6. Crazy (Stray Dog)
7. Uncle Ned (Point Blank)
8. Let That Lizard Loose (Goddo)
9. Tomorrow Or Yesterday (Samson)
10. Dreams Of Milk & Honey (Mountain)
11. Fantasy (Captain Beyond)
12. Black Magic (Marcus)
13. Sitting By The Pool (Derringer)
14. Mountain Of Power (original instrumental) [LL solo]

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+ Comment by Hugo
2006-09-18 08:12:36

This sounds great!
I’ll have a better listen to the rest of the tracks after I get back from work.

Now for the million dollar question:
After a quick listen I’d say that LL kicks in at 2.32 (solo from 2.38) and ends at 3.08 with a few more screams till 3.22.

Just hope I’m not to far of with this answer. ;-)

Grtz, Hugo

+ Comment by Lori
2006-09-18 10:49:05

Hmmmm, I will have to double check the timing markers, but those times sound familiar! ;-)

+ Comment by Rob
2006-09-18 20:52:42

Is it just me, or is that particular song removed??
Darn, I want to hear you as well…


+ Comment by Lori
2006-09-19 00:41:50

I think Janne’s rotating the songs, Robbo. Or maybe he just put it up for a little while the other night just for meeeeeee ;-)
Hugo, I don’t have the minute markers in my head, but from what I remember, it sounds like you nailed it!

+ Comment by Kristof
2006-09-19 10:42:56

That’s an impressive list of musicians! I’m of course most impressed by Anders Johansson of whom Yngwue once stated “He’s the best drummer of the world if you hold a gun to his head. On other times, he plays like shit”.

I’ll check it out tonight, when I’m not at work, when I have access to speakers …

+ Comment by Lori
2006-09-19 19:59:34

I was actually surprised when I saw Anders J on the list, Kristof. If Janne had mentioned it before, the factoid had slipped through the cracks of my selective memory…There’s also at least one Ayreon alumnus as well, unless I’m terribly mistaken.

+ Comment by Rob
2006-09-19 21:11:19

You mean Dan Swanö? Then you’re pretty close, but not right… Dan sings only on Star One ;-)

The other songs at Janne’s MySpace sounds very good!


+ Comment by Juan
2006-09-20 02:53:54

Wow, this sounds like a really ambicious project! Really can’t wait to hear it all!
Strange enough, I still remember that guy form Roxette :-/

And my condolences on your PCs departure from this world. :(

How are the Mexico rehearsals going?

Stream on!

+ Comment by Lori
2006-09-24 22:42:30

Thanks, Juan. I don’t know much about rehearsals — I think the Dutchies will try to rehearse once or twice before heading to Mexico, and the band may be able to squeeze in one without me IN Mexico. But all I’m going to get is what I can do at home and the soundcheck. And yes, I’m very nervous about it :-|

+ Comment by Janne Stark
2006-09-25 08:02:33

Tadaaaaaa! I’m here! Hehe. A small, but oh so important correction. The track is named “Out Of The Darkness”, not “Into The Fire” :-)
And, yepp, been rotating them tracks, but for your listening pleasure I’ll put it up again!

+ Comment by Lori
2006-09-25 09:34:24

Thanks for the correction, Janne! Maybe my power-naps aren’t working as well as I thought they were. ;-) The lyrics must’ve stuck in my head (He does sing “out of the darkness, and into the FIRE” (you’ve got to pronounce it FI-YAH to sound metal, hahah).

+ Comment by Janne Stark
2006-09-26 09:13:44

Power-naps are an essential part of life! Power-naps and coffee are the essential cornerstones of my hard rock encyclopedias! Without them – no books! By the way, the tracks with Anders on drums will be mixed and ready tomorrow. Don’t know about the gun-thing, he recorded the drums in his own studio. Maybe he has one rigged and ready, coz he plays great :-)

+ Comment by Lori
2006-09-26 21:04:56

Woooo hah – great to get a live update from the Mountain of Power master himself. I’ve been listening to the tracks, and love what I hear. The best way I can describe it is that it brings back all those great vibes of the 70s bands, but with massively better production. :-)

+ Comment by Janne Stark
2006-09-26 23:38:08

Well, my dear friend, you contributed to what it’s become :-) Great to hear you liked it! It was sort of my intention to try and keep some of the seventies feel and vibe, but give it a more modern sound frame. Pelle Saether is a knob wizard!

On another matter – yesterday I received the long awaited new Zeno Roth album. It’s actually outstanding!! He’s got the same tone and vibe as his brother, but a bit more commercial music. Great one indeed!

+ Comment by Lori
2006-09-27 01:25:42

Hey there! I am up sooo past my bedtime — this week I’m going for 4-5 hours a night and a power nap (or two if I can sneak ‘em in).

Thanks for the heads-up on Zeno – I totally love his playing, but don’t really keep up with new releases. Off to CD-ON I go ;-)

Nightie night!


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