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Mountain of Power – Made in Sweden

The unquenchable Janne Stark made sure to ship us all copies of the Mountain of Power CD within nanoseconds of receiving the freshly pressed discs from Grooveyard Records (Thanks, Janne! You’re a STAR :) ). I had seen the front cover art before (below)
Mountain of Power front cover

but the back cover totally made me giggle — I love it!

Mountain of Power back cover

I sure hope there will be (girlie) T-shirts!

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+ Comment by Maarten (aka Icey)
2006-12-28 13:43:54

Whehehe brilliant! :D

+ Comment by Juan
2006-12-28 16:44:05

Finally! :D Yep, the cover art is really awesome and it’d look killer on t-shirts!

Oh, and in case I don’t see you all, happy new year!

+ Comment by Neo
2006-12-28 18:58:33

Thanks for replying lori :) , i saw an interview of Jaded Lady in a documental (The Decline of Western Civilization II) so i wanted to know what happened with them. I found this on the internet:
“In Oct.’87 they signed recording contract with Apocalypse records, but the deal fell through when investors in the project lost money in a stock market crash.”
That’s bad luck
About the cover: :P
The cover is very funny, I, personaly, like the ‘fantasy’ covers, like Blind Guardian or Rhapsody ones, or the ones made by ‘Ciruelo’.
The most important heavy metal band in Argentina has the worst covers in the world, the band is called Almafuerte.
Just take a look to this covers:

+ Comment by Sylvain
2006-12-28 23:23:22

Wow ! I know no one excepted Lori and Anders Johansson on the drums !

+ Comment by John
2006-12-28 23:59:13

I got my copy on the day before Christmas. It’s a great CD. Play it LOUD !!

+ Comment by Gwen
2006-12-30 10:47:39

I haven’t got it yet, but I will
For you Lori and for everyone here I wish you all a very nice ending of the year and a musical start of the new one
A toast to all of you and see you in the new year, let’s have some more fun then, like we did this year!

hugs and kisses,

+ Comment by Joop
2006-12-30 20:44:15

Don’t forget to bring a copy to Rijsen! ;-)

+ Comment by Martin
2006-12-30 22:55:56

Thanks for the headsup,just ordered it :)

+ Comment by Janne Stark
2007-01-09 00:15:32

And a HUGE hat’s off from me to Lori for doing an astounding job!!!

Now, can we stop patting each other’s backs and get on with the next one? ;-))

+ Comment by Stephen H
2007-01-25 01:05:27


Play EVERYTHING loud !


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