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Shameless self promotion – recent interviews with LL

Lori Linstruth - Luna AndromedaI sincerely hate shameless self-promotion as much as anyone (really, I do!). But because the kind interviewers below took precious time out of their one lives to talk to yours truly, it would seem ungrateful of me not to pass on links to their work.

Carl Begai gets me talking about Guilt Machine, my lack of tabbing skill, and why my elementary school teachers were right when they marked “works well with others” as one of the skills that “needs improvement.” 20 questions about guitars, guitar playing, and my infamous distaste for jazz interview about my Luna Andromeda interview about my Vigier Excalibur

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+ Comment by Peter
2009-11-17 07:27:21

Hi Lori! Long time lurker and fellow guitar player here.

So, yeah…what the hell is up with Jazz anyway? As a guitarist I feel like I SHOULD like Jazz, but listening to it always throws me into an insane rage. Ugh. Call me uncultured or whatnot — but me likes music with an actual melody…! I guess it’s just nice to hear the same sentiment from a good player like yourself.

+ Comment by Andrej
2009-11-20 20:35:08


Sorry, couldn’t resist (in case you know what I’m referring to; and you should).
But to be honest, I don’t think that all Jazz is bad, though. There is always a small possibility that there is one song out there that one might actually like. :)

Good to see that you’re still alive!

+ Comment by ViN
2009-11-23 00:07:56

thanks for the link lori .. turned out to be a nice interview .. checkin out some of ur other interviews now .. hope shred this way has a interview spot reserved when u grab the grammy for the 1st chick to hate jazz :guitar: :p

Rock on

+ Comment by Stephen LESLIE Hess Twin falls Id.
2009-12-01 05:58:41

I’m not the Stephen Hess from ….I’m from idaho.
I just want to say ,Hey, I didn’t know ya’all and Arjen were married!!!Congrats’….I’ll Leave you alone now ,since you hate me.

PS. I met your parents awhile back.Moab is Moab….Spent some time
incarcerated there, hundred years ago hee hee
Desert desert desert.

(the prob’ with pinky respect is them dang hang nails):^)
And YES I stole the thread….I’ll make a ball of twine to clog lake mead (joke) geeez

pss.I’m writing a song about yer’ dancing bun bun (with your perm. of course)
2three2snakes2-Aka Stephen

+ Comment by jomaheux
2009-12-01 06:10:56

Hi Lori,

Is that you playing that solo with very slight distortion during the backward sounds and at around 4:53min. on ”Leland Street”?

I borrowed my friend’s ”On a Perfect Day” cd and actually only listened to the first two songs so far(writing this after listening to the second song)and went back two times to hear that solo.

I really dig it.

+ Comment by Lorinator
2009-12-01 13:05:15

Thanks, Joma. Despite its being so laid back, the Leland Street solo is the one I’m most proud of. I’m glad you like it :-)

+ Comment by Stephen LESLIE Hess Twin falls Id.
2009-12-01 08:16:09

Do i even get to explain myself1…,.Wow!

+ Comment by Mathias Cuadro
2009-12-27 02:35:38

I am from uruguay and a justa must say that your music is fantastic, i love your´s solos. :razz: :razz:
You rock !!!!! :smile:


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