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Guitar tips: DIY strap lock system

strap locks

Beer drinkers who are interested in a quick’n'dirty strap lock system for your guitar are in luck. Get two bottles of Grolsch and use the red rubber gaskets as strap locks. The advantage of using the rubber gaskets is that they are small enough to fit through most straps, but still do a good job holding the strap firmly in place. The soft rubber doesn’t damage or scratch your guitar. You also get a valid excuse to drink two bottles of imported beer.

I learned about this trick during the last SoP tour. I was in the rather precarious state of having no strap locks, but our guitar tech Hans heroically located two Grolsch gaskets and deftly installed them on my pink guitar. (I am not sure if drinking was actually involved.) These DIY strap locks kept my guitar safely around my neck, where it belongs. When I got home to Sweden and got out my guitar, I was happily surprised to find the strap locks attached; they are still serving me well today!

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+ Comment by Sylvain
2007-03-31 10:06:26

That’s a cool system ! I saw it on a guitar forum and people using it seemed to be satisfied. I sometimes drink that kind of beer (Fisher, in France), but keep the gaskets to replace those of my own bottles (I make some beer ;-) !)
But on tour… very useful idea ! :-D

+ Comment by Neo
2007-03-31 17:25:42

Very funny! I can’t imagine your pinky guitar with two bottles of Grolsch. (You can upload a picture of it :D )

+ Comment by Gwen
2007-03-31 19:38:37

We will be saving the caps for you now



+ Comment by Appelmoes??
2007-03-31 22:43:22

LOL, Grolsch is brewed very near my home-town, so I’m a bit proud :D
Good to hear from you again Lori! m/

+ Comment by Rob
2007-03-31 23:23:17

Same here Appel ;-) My dad is a big fan of that brand. I am not, as I don’t drink any alcohol.

Good thing if you like beer and need those rubbers ‘only’ for strap locks, you Have to open the bottle of beer, haha…

Take care, Lori, and enjoy the Dutch goods :-D

+ Comment by JoeJoe
2007-04-01 04:37:47

Wow… I so wish I drank beer… anyone interested in being shouted a couple of beers? Only catch is I get those rubber rings =P.

+ Comment by Maarten (aka Icey)
2007-04-02 00:04:36

Aaand Grolsch originally comes from very near my hometown :p and those rubber rings rule.. I used to have quite a collection of them (without ever drinking the beer though, but the rubber bands are ever so usefull)

+ Comment by Robottony
2007-04-03 12:06:03

A tasty tidbit! I’ll do some chuggas for my straps.

+ Comment by Joop#1
2007-04-03 13:48:23

Rock and Grolllsschh! *hips* sorry!

Joop ‘B’

+ Comment by JP Stratoblogster
2007-04-04 10:31:31

Priceless idea!! I’ve gotta blog this– I promise to plug you as source. Y’know, just last week I double sticked two Guinness caps on atop the vol/tone knobs of my ’72 Thinline natural finish. The black with the little gold harps looks cool with that guitar, and the crimp points around the caps make the knobs easier to turn. Back in the 80′s, I stuck a Giraf beer label to that same guitar, but eventually removed it.

Now it’s Grolsch time!


+ Pingback by : PLUG INTO AMP :
2007-04-05 14:44:28

[...] Play like a girl:: Guitar tips: DIY strap lock system Lori gives a cool tip for strap-locks. Ah, beer: is there anything it can’t do? [...]

+ Comment by JP Stratoblogster
2007-04-06 00:18:41

FYI: » Blog Archive » Guitar Straplock System Worth Drinking To

This comment posted below my previous comment links to a blog that has re-posted my last 4 blog posts without any attribution or linkback. is a spam blog trying to get search rank by re-posting lots of duplicate content.

The blog piece referenced is actually my blog responding to Lori’s straplock blog.


[Note from Lori: Sorry JP, I didn't realize. Deleted the trackback. Content-suckers suck.]

+ Comment by hans
2007-04-06 08:30:20

not to mention the hidden trademark invention of fixing your volume/tone pots ;)
with the inability to leave you some more lindors in your case, i thought those grolsch gaskets/gadgets would be a nice parting gift until the next time we meet

+ Comment by Janne Stark
2007-04-13 23:40:24

I’m pround to say that I have now introduced Lori to the magical mechanical strap lock, a highly useful locking mechanism (and quite cheap, too), where one part replaces the strap holder on the guitar and the other part is mounted on the strap. You can then easily, just by pulling a small knob on the strap-part, remove the strap. But when it locks – IT LOCKS :-)

This means any beer brand of your own liking will now do ;-)

2007-04-19 06:59:09

[...] I’m sure the brewers at Grolsch didn’t intend this, but it turns out you can use the washers on the fancy fliptop lid as DIY straplocks. For details, head on over to the Play Like A Girl blog.-MJS [...]

+ Comment by shaun rayment
2007-06-05 00:09:38

can anyone tell me where or what the real products of this is called and made by? i remeber seeing the ruber locks/stops years ago but can never find them, i to not a larger drinking, JD me up anyday..

anyone can help?


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