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Guilt Machine

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Although part of me cringes at the flagrant egotism of publishing a post about myself (even on my personal website — go figure), I know that some of you are probably wondering what I’ve been up to since, well, since I used to post regularly here. If this describes you, then read on!

When it comes to music and creativity, for the past year I’ve been heavily involved with my partner Arjen’s new project, Guilt Machine, having had the honor of both playing the guitar solos and writing lyrics for the entire album. The album, called “On This Perfect Day,” will be released by Mascot Records in Europe on 31 August, and in the USA on 29 September. In addition to the video trailer (below), the Guilt Machine Myspace has two full songs uploaded, as well as all the links you need to find out more info about the project and pre-order signed Limited Edition copies of the album.

On the personal front, since late 2007 I’ve mainly been focusing on adapting to my new life in Holland as well as getting (and staying) healthy. It’s a slow process, but the trend is inching steadily upwards. I’m learning a lot as I go, and may eventually share some of it here. Until then, I hope you’ll like what you hear from Guilt Machine!

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+ Comment by Laurie Monk
2009-08-08 18:34:15

:guitar: Welcome back… good luck with your new project!

+ Comment by Stratoblogster
2009-08-08 20:33:37

Yeah! Welcome back! Let’s bring that flagrant ego back to blogging more often! :woohoo:

+ Comment by Jon
2009-08-09 09:46:46

Great shredding Lori, so you have a Vigier now?

+ Comment by Rob
2009-08-09 20:54:33

Heya Lori, good to see you back here again :wink:

It’s a cool trailer indeed. An interesting and nicely filmed clip.
Cool solo’s you threw out. Curious to hear them all :!:
Also nice to see/hear Arjen singing and playing acoustic. He’d better do another solo album sooner or later…
Anyway, I can’t wait to get the album in September :woohoo:

About yourself, I hope you’ll be very happy here and in a healthy state. Good to hear things are getting better now. And how’s your Dutch progressing? :bunny:


+ Comment by Lorinator
2009-08-09 21:55:18

Thanks, Jon…I wanted something rather weird for that song, since it’s about psychological breakdown, thus the strange whammy-pedal section. I’ve had the Vigier since mid-2007, and like it a lot. I used it and the Luna for most of the solos on the GM album.

+ Comment by Lorinator
2009-08-09 22:04:30

Thanks, Rob. Arjen actually sings quite a bit on the album; a nice contrast to Jasper, I think.

My Dutch is not going so well, mainly because I’m a recluse and don’t create opportunities for myself to get exposure to it. SHAME ON ME! :oops: Maar ik kan wel een beetje…

+ Comment by Kristof
2009-08-24 09:57:21

Arjen should talk to you in Dutch only. That’ll help things along tremendously!

+ Comment by Klaas
2009-09-05 12:18:50

Arjen is probably like me. My girlfriend is american and when I open my mouth, english comes out. So you see… It’s the guys’ fault. :lol:

Don’t worry about it too much. You’re fluent in music.

Met hartelijke groeten,


Ps. Guilt Machine arrived yesterday. YESSSS!!

+ Comment by Stephen H
2009-08-12 01:39:25

Hiya Lori !

At last…!

I’m so happy, that you’ve become kinda “tangible” again…
…I’ve truly missed you n’ I’ve missed your inspiration !

You’ve actually brought my playing back to life once again…
…I KNOW that I’m ever-so “gooey” about you, but er, Jeez ?!

I’m truly pleased that life is feeling/looking good for you !
P’haps I shouldn’t be so screamingly “gushing” here, but…?!

Love y’ SO much Lori !
Always, in All ways…

Stephen H xxxxxxxxxxxx

Oh yeah, hey Arjen…!
I hope you can get this divine young lady to become a vegetarian !

God bless m’ “Sister-In-Wah” !
Love, Love n’ Love – Stephen !

+ Comment by Stephen H
2009-08-14 23:46:25

I just can’t shut up, can I ?!

If it’s not too much…
…(it’s not enough !!)

Nice solo Lori…
…Stephen – xxx!

+ Comment by jomaheux
2009-08-12 04:11:48

Hi Lori!

I’m pretty glad too that you start blogging again.

This blog has been to me a bit like the pub on the corner with you as the owner/bartender(a gorgeous one talking about rock guitar with knowledge,passion and humor!)that’s being kind to it’s clients even when they get a bit carried away.

I’m not gushing like Stephen :wink: but close…


+ Comment by Stephen H
2009-08-12 19:19:13

Hiya Jomaheux !

Y’okay ?! “Long time-no read !”

That’s such a great analogy…!
……Summed up to perfection !

God bless…
…Stephen !

+ Comment by jomaheux
2009-08-13 01:53:26

Hey Stephen!

I’m doing fine except for the fact that one of my closest friend passed away two weeks ago.
I’m playing quite a lot,by myself and with the two bands i’m in.
Thanks for asking.

But you know what? I did also miss your greatly written response.

Cheers man!

+ Comment by jomaheux
2009-08-13 01:54:32


+ Comment by Stephen H
2009-08-13 16:34:02

OH-SO sorry to hear about your friend Jomaheux !

It’s literally, a pain when a friend/loved one passes away…
…(or “crosses over” as I prefer to think of it !)

’tis a cliche I know, but regarding a loss…
…one may not get “over it” – but one can get “through it !”

Trust me … I know !

Two bands ?!
You sure are the busy bee aren’t you ?!

I go through periods that fluctuate ‘tween…
…not picking the guitar up ?! / not puting it down !!

Now that’s why I’m so pleased that Lori’s er, back in town !
I truly find her “inspiring !”

God bless…
…Stephen !

+ Comment by Corny
2009-08-12 14:54:56

The Guilt Machine stuff released so far sounds GREAT and the solo in the trailer can immediatly be identified as a “Lori-Solo”. :guitar:

+ Comment by Stephen H
2009-08-14 23:53:26

OH yeah…!

+ Comment by Frank
2009-08-15 16:05:04

Jasper is an excellent choice for a vocalist
(we zijn fier op “onze” Jasper hier in Vlaanderen :-)

Didn’t get to know him personally (yet), but Valentijn, the pianist on his solo album, is a good friend of mine… small world… well, small countries in these parts anyway :-)

Keep up the good work!

+ Comment by Lorinator
2009-08-24 12:33:04

It’s nobody’s fault but mine, I’m afraid. I’m just not motivated to put in the effort to learn yet another language, particularly now that my memory doesn’t work at all as well as it used to. It would be different if I actually *needed* Dutch on a daily basis, but I don’t. But if I were at all motivated, this would be good advice indeed.

+ Comment by Danny Snelders
2009-08-26 20:17:10

good to see you back Lori
nice viger doo i mis some of your old guitar playing style
nice sound by the way

greets Danny xxx

+ Comment by Mlotek
2009-08-29 14:36:03

I seen you posted on the Ice Age myspace and was curious about you.
Wow, very impressive playing!

That song “If” has a lot of feeling, the way guitar players should be, like Ritchie Blackmore/Rainbow, and Marty Friedman/Megadeth.

I will get around to buying any cd’s you are on, I know I’ll get my money’s worth!

+ Comment by gwen
2009-08-30 16:36:21

I love it …….another ace……



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