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Feed icons for blogging guitarists

feed icons for blogging guitaristsFeed icons have become so standard now that I think you can play around with them a bit without confusing people.

I’m so pleased with my pink guitar pick RSS icon that I thought I’d share it the source files with you. Resize and color to your preference (although you’ll get extra points for pink)!

Get the PSD file or the PNG.

RSS feed


+ Comment by Sylvain
2007-07-15 08:45:39

Hi Lori,

Cool design, that RSS icon ! I downloaded it, in case…
And the blog design is nice too ! :grin:

+ Comment by Kristof
2007-07-15 10:08:00

Wow, Lori. I like that! ANd the new blog layout! Sooperdooper stuff, girl!

+ Comment by Lorinator
2007-07-15 14:24:07

Thanks, Kristof the icon was one of my “getting my head around AI” projects.
Glad you like the new design. Theme is my tweakage of Dosh Dosh’s “Prosense Grey,” and the way I’ve set things up makes it fairly easy to completely change the look of the site with a few simple changes.

+ Comment by Kristof
2007-07-17 10:04:13

Yes, I was thinking that. It looks like a typical AI thing.

Actually, I really suck at AI. In AI, you have to know what you want beforehand. You can tweak it afterwards, but in general, you need to know what you want to draw looks like. In PS, you can just fool around. I’ve never been a vector kindaguy.

+ Comment by Jon
2007-07-15 10:25:34

Inspired! I love it, hope you don’t mind I used the icon on GuitarNoize :)

+ Comment by Lorinator
2007-07-15 14:25:08

Glad you like it, Jon. The more people who use it, the better :)

+ Comment by Matt Van Stone
2007-07-15 16:58:22

Nice resesign Lori! I’m likin’ it. Great feed icons too.

+ Comment by Lorinator
2007-07-15 17:00:28

Thanks, Matt!

+ Comment by Mark
2007-07-17 01:28:52

Just found you on Ordinary Folk and had to stop by and say that your idea of making these icons is pretty creative. Good job and what a way to make your mark on the blogosphere! ;)

+ Comment by Lorinator
2007-07-17 03:06:57

Cool Mark, I hope other blogging guitarists will find the RSS icons useful. I sure had fun making them :)

+ Comment by Kristof
2007-07-17 10:02:53

Gotta love those Google ads …

“Boiler Feed Water
Make boiler feed from any water source–even wastewater! “

+ Comment by Lorinator
2007-07-17 18:21:37

Haha, I know! I’ve not done section targeting yet here, so the ads are all over the place. Not that section targeting does much good, but any port in a storm. I wonder what would happen if I wrote more about my beloved pussi and spunk? :twisted:

+ Comment by Andrew
2007-07-17 14:47:46

Hi Lori,

Cool icons!

+ Comment by Lorinator
2007-07-17 18:22:05

Thanks, Andrew. Feel free to spread ‘em around! :)

+ Comment by Cary
2007-07-17 17:35:22

Hey, great job on the feed icons, and I love the new look of your blog––thanks for taking us up on the meme, too :)

+ Comment by Lorinator
2007-07-17 18:23:56

Thanks, Cary. And thanks to you and Mike for my meme devirginization.

+ Comment by Robert Irizarry
2007-07-18 04:47:06

I love the RSS icon. I may have to put this to use along with your Brian’s Threaded comment hack. :smile:

+ Comment by Taz
2007-07-18 15:08:02

Forgive my ignorance but what the heck is a feed icon for :?: Computer impaired person at work here :wink:

Greetz Taz

+ Comment by Lorinator
2007-07-18 19:23:41

No worries, Tazzie! A feed icon just tells people that the website is RSS enabled. It is usually linked to the URL of the RSS feed to the site. This makes it easy for people who use RSS readers to “subscribe” to the feed. If you want to know more about RSS, you can read my description here, or Wikipedia’s here.

+ Comment by Taz
2007-07-18 21:41:05

Thank you oh mightly Lorinator! :wink:

Greetz Taz

+ Comment by Laurie Monk
2007-07-20 10:12:00

Hi nice RSS logo…I like your design skills…very smooth, clean.

re new design, I do have a problem with the black main bar down the page. I hae difficulty see the font. Could do with being white IMO.


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