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Every ending is a new beginning…

…or so I am trying to tell myself.

As some of you may already know, the first chapter in the story of SoP ended a few days ago, and the remaining members will go on to new adventures without me, Alejandro and Arjen. I’m proud to have been lucky enough to be part of SoP, and will always remember the amazing time we had together and all the new friends I made. I’ll miss my SoP family, and wish all of them every success and fulfillment. May SoP’s future shows be FLASH FREE ;-) and full of exuberant-but-well-behaved bananas waving at the appropriate places!

Some readers may be wondering what led to my decision to leave the band. Warning: I am about to WHINE.

My reasons are multi-faceted, but the upshot is that I have been unwell since the autumn, to the point that it has had severe consequences for my private life. There is no way for me to get well while still maintaining the kind of time/energy/availability commitment that “SoP Mark II” will require. Leaving was a tough decision to make, but hey, doing “more of the same” and expecting a different result just doesn’t work. Mirabile f’n dictu. (That’s Latin for duh!)

What makes it particularly difficult is that in many ways, SoP has been one of the few fulfilling activities I’ve had on my plate over the past couple of years. The evil stressors have come from “real life,” not from the band, just to make that abundantly clear.

So for anyone who is wondering what my “plans” are, here goes: until I am feeling well again, my main priority will be getting my private life sorted out and eliminating (or learning to deal more effectively with) the stressors that put me here in the first place.

Unfortunately, one of the most frustrating symptoms is a perpetual state of crushing fatigue that is not relieved by sleep. Unless I’d experienced it myself, I wouldn’t have believed that it were possible to be so tired. So please be patient if I owe you an email or snail mail. I am working through the backlog as fast as I can. If I’ve forgotten something important, now is a great time for those gentle reminders :-)

I’ll still be playing guitar and working on music when the inspiration strikes, and posting the odd cheeky video. Maybe even with TAB. Warbride still needs to be finished, and there are some other plans in the works, so hopefully this confounded tiredness and brain fog will ease soon so that I can get my darned computer fixed and, with luck, start feeling inspired and productive again.

Thanks for indulging me in a bit of self-centered whining. And to those of you who have come to see us at our shows — your support and enthusiasm has meant the world to me over the past year. Thank you.

Pinkie respect m/

BTW, Robbo, if you are reading: THANK YOU for the package and the nice note! There’s nothing like naughty chocolate to cheer a girl up :-)

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+ Comment by Appelmoes??
2007-03-07 23:46:46

Thanks for taking the time to explain all this personally Lori, I really appreciate that.
I hope you will feel well again soon and want to wish you all the luck in sorting things out on a personal level.
And thank you for making SoP and the tours possible. You also meant the world to me. You helped out on making some weekends the best of my life. Even the London gig, since SoP was one of the reasons for my american girlfriend to come over to London for the weekend. Eventhough the gig got canceled, I got to see her and have the best über-weekend of my life.

I’m sad that you leave SoP, but I know now that it is for the best.

I’m sure you will always remain an honorary member of SoP and I will keep an eye on your music-carreer.

Stream on!

+ Comment by Ru
2007-03-08 00:46:15

Thank You Lori, for your open hearted explaining! We will miss you forever! I hope to hear from you when you found some peace in your personal live! You’re a great woman and one of the best quitarist!
Stream on!


+ Comment by Rob
2007-03-08 01:42:23

Dear Lori,
THANK YOU for the explanation and the wonderful time I had with you, the other bandmembers and the fans. It’s sad to know this part has come to an end, but I do understand your points. And indeed, you should think of yourself at those moments.
Nevertheless, the past year is seriously an unforgettable one for me… Thanks again!

I wish you the very best, get well soon, and keep on playing the great chuggas ;-)
I’ll definitely stay tuned for everything where you will come up with.

Kramar och ha det så bra,

Ps. I’m happy that it came to your place and at a good moment. You definitely deserve it, so please enjoy it ;-)

+ Comment by JT
2007-03-08 02:53:04

Thanks for clarifying this (and it’s always best to cut the wings off rumours before they’re in mid-air).

I must say that the news caught me a bit off-guard when I read about the situation at Arjen’s forum. Arjen’s absence was to be expected with the new Ayreon project and all but I can’t help but to feel a bit under the weather about a split of this magnitude.

Aside from the obvious part, the music, a thing that always impressed me about SoP were the personalities. Every band member is so nice and down-to-earth that it’s really heartwarming to see them have such a good time on stage.

It’ll be hard to form another dream team, so to speak. On the other hand, I’m really looking forward to seeing that kind of songs the new lineup comes up with. Bands like Spock’s Beard, Dream Theater, Threshold and Symphony X have all gone through lineup changes and yet have prevailed (that’s what I think anyway).

Best of luck to Lori and Arjen regarding their private life matters, and best wishes to the rest of “SoP Mark I” as well, wherever they currently may be.

+ Comment by JoeJoe
2007-03-08 03:11:11

We all wish you the best of luck with your future endevours, and I am sure all of us are here to support you through your not so well times. =). We thank you for the enjoyment you have given us over the last couple of years =).

+ Comment by Juan
2007-03-08 03:26:29

I never got to see SoP live, yet still I want o thank you for all those chuggas, solos, squeals, wahs and those really funny tour anecdotes!

But most important, I hope you can sort all those things out and wish the best of luck in watherver you’re working on now :)

And hey, we’ll always have the PLaG blog, right? ;)

+ Comment by Stephen H
2007-03-08 04:59:13


SO very sorry ! – I wish you happiness – I wish you well !

To quote ABBA… “Thank You For The Music !” (I suddenly feel sad ?!)

Truly love y’ lots…
Stephen H

+ Comment by Sierra Burke
2007-03-08 07:58:03

while it is a bit of a bummer to find out a band is breaking up soon after you find out about them (for some reason i didn’t learn about SoP until this past month)

i think the best decision you could have made is the one you did make.

not a lot of people are willing to give up that musical dream in order to sort out their life, but you’ve got your priorities straight – high fives for taking care of yourself. i hope that you get everything straightened up and i hope you overcome that fatigue feeling you’ve described, as that can never be fun!

i am looking forward to seeing where your future endeavors find you, and i’m glad to have found SoP when i did so that I could learn more about all of the wonderful artists who were a part of it then – i will be looking forward to the future projects you involve yourself in!!!

i don’t know what religion you might follow but, I’m Christian, so that’s how i can relate to people – and something i’ve been told often in my endeavors is that God will close doors no one can open and he will open doors that no one can close, so walk through those open doors and go along for the ride because He knows what He’s doing.

take that and apply it as you’d like. i’m sure you will find many great new adventures ahead of you!

+ Comment by Dorthe
2007-03-08 09:00:23

Thank you, Lori, for sharing this news with us, it´s really sweet of you. On one hand I think it´s really sad that the three of you have decided to quit the band, on the other hand I understand and support your decision. Sometimes it´s necessary to take care of yourself. If you don´t you end up having nothing left to give out. So as I said I completely understand your decision and I´m looking forward to hear news from you in the future :-)

Take care.

+ Comment by Joop B
2007-03-08 09:03:51

Dear Lori,
Thank you for your kind explenation. This puts to rest some concerns we as fans were talking about during the last tour, about you “looking not at all well.” We just thought it was the flu, tells you what WE (or at least I) know…

I’ve posted some strong opinions on the SOP forum, all stemming from disapointment with one of my favourite bands at the moment going through changes. This, at least, puts some perspective on things. You (as in the ’self’, physically and mentally) ALWAYS come in first place. Hope you will feel better again soon. I’ll keep following you through this very funny blog, and through the music you will hopefully create and release in the future. And perhaps we’ll meet when you decide to grace us with your presence on a stage somewhere, who knows where, on this earth.

Rock on,

Joop ‘B’

+ Comment by Taz
2007-03-08 09:08:04


Thank you for sharing and take care of yourself! SoP has been a magnificent experience for me and meeting you was part of that! ;-)
Keep PLAG-ing, PLAG-ging uhhh Blogging on PLAG

Greetz Taz

+ Comment by Kristof
2007-03-08 10:30:15

Hej Lori,

Thanks for sharing. Take care!

+ Comment by Sylvain
2007-03-08 10:32:09

Hi Lori,
Congratulation… not for leaving SoP, but simply because you’ve made an important choice : putting yourself first !
As great as can be a project like SoP, we have to be fully present to be efficient. Further more, as you say, “Every ending is a new begenning…” : your health, your private life, Warbride… and why not to take a start to compose and record a full length solo album (your demo rocks ! so…) ? I’m waiting for it since so long…
Anyway, thanks a lot for what you gave us through SoP ! Of course, I’ll be continuing to listen to Arjen’s projects, as I first enjoyed his music on tour with Vengeance (wow… a long time ago… in the very beginning of the ‘90, I guess, in my natal normandy), but obviously, I’ll be continuing to follow your own projects, as you belong to my “Stream of ‘guitaristical’ metal influence” (which is, sort by date : Randy Rhoads, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Jason Becker and… Lori Linstruth ! True !!! I like lots of other guitarists, also in jazz, etc… but I’m mostly neo classical with feeling, not only technique).
So, what to say else… excepted that I wish you all the best for the continuing of your life, partly with us on this blog ! :-D
Good day !

+ Comment by Phil (invisiblekid)
2007-03-08 14:12:53

Dear Lori,
thank you very much for the explanation.
I’m still sad about you leaving SoP, but now that you clarify the reason I fully understand your decision.
Thanks a lot for the wonderful time you gave us fans, and all the best wishes for the future.

Keep on RAWKING, Phil.

+ Comment by Gwen
2007-03-08 14:25:14

sweet sweet lori,

Please make sure you yourself are happy and in good health, there is nothing more important
we have patience, we can wait you know hahahahah

I have seen over time how important it is to have your life in order, make it so
always in support


+ Comment by hans
2007-03-08 15:52:59

Hey Lori,

I wouldn’t call it self-centered whining. You’ve been working like a dog and now it hits you in the face. Don’t take it lightly. I know what it’s like, ’cause I feel the same fatigue. Take your time to recover and I’m sure there will be lots more Lori Music in the future. Thank you for being the most radiant SoPpie. At least to me…

+ Comment by Rose Immortal
2007-03-08 18:04:50

I’m very sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well…something must be in the air this time of year because it seems like it’s getting everybody in some form or fashion lately.

I wish you wouldn’t say it was self-centered to look out for your own health–because it isn’t. How can any person be expected to give to others if they don’t look after themselves? I don’t think anybody has any right to expect you to run yourself ragged and if they do…well…you can imagine what to tell them. ;-)

I wish you the best, and I hope things will fall into balance for you soon. :-)

+ Comment by clare
2007-03-08 19:12:49

Dear Lori,
I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t upset. I never got to see SOP perform live, but you have become in the past year or so my favourite band. But other things are more important, and I really hope that you get well soon, as it’s really saddening to hear that you’re ill :(

I really hope you get better soon, and after your explanation, it seems perfectly justified.

I’m wishing you all of my best hopes and prayers. xoxoxo

+ Comment by Mike Leslie
2007-03-08 20:23:39

Sorry to hear about the split with SOP, it will be interesting to hear where it goes without the other members. Hope you are able to get your personal life straightened out and start feeling better, I know all about the fog and fatigue…its been kicking my butt lately. I look forward to hearing Warbride.
get well soon,

+ Comment by Neo
2007-03-09 10:07:31

Some choices are difficult to take, but they make us what we are. Personal life is very important. If personal life have problems, it’s impossible to concentrate anything else.

This is a sad moment, but is not the end. Life continuous, music continuous. And you are not only a great musician, you are also a great person!!. And that will help you on your whole life.

You have talent. And I know lots of musicians will ask you to play a solo in their album, trust me!

Thanks for have opened this blog, for you replys, for your sense of humor, for be always happy and nice with us. Thanks for be always Lori!

I hope this blog continuous, but if you don’t have time to update it, we will understand.

I wish you the best on your life.

Javier Bassi

+ Comment by Lorinator
2007-03-09 10:55:30

Thanks to everyone for understanding and for your words of support. The wording of the announcement on the SoP website made it sound as if I’d quit in order to do some other musical project, so it felt important to make things clear. I will continue with music, of course, but I have no idea what form it will take. Oh, and I’ll definitely keep blogging — it’s kind of a release for me. :)

Hugs and pinkie respect to all,

+ Comment by Anton van Rosmalen
2007-03-09 11:54:03


Take the time, rest and get well!
And of course I hope to hear and see you again in the future.
And thanx for the hugs, I still tease my wife with that ;-)


+ Comment by Marco
2007-03-09 12:40:50

Hi Lori, It’s such a pity to learn that you’ve left SoP — I didn’t get to see you the last time you hit Holland with your live act, what a dumbbunny I am. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and feelings, this post was open and at the same time very balanced. Take care of yourself but pls keep playing guitar and posting videos! Your attitude as a guitarist is very inspiring, you kinda ooze good vibes when you play.
I’ll keep watching your blog to follow your music activities.
Take care!

+ Comment by Gwen
2007-03-09 14:59:46

hi lori

you better keep blogging, it’s to much fun to read hahahahhahhaah

big hug

+ Comment by Ed
2007-03-09 15:57:26

Hey Lori,

Everything happens for a reason and I guess you’ll see the positive aspects of it all soon. Get well again and make some more brilliant music!


P.S.: Hmmm… maybe you and Arjen should team up again to write some of the darkest and heaviest music that’s ever been written ;-)

+ Comment by Sebas Honing
2007-03-09 21:52:01

I wish you an extreme amount of good luck with your personal life and all your future musical projects (may there be lots more)! ;-)

Greets, Sebas.

+ Comment by Chen
2007-03-10 00:53:58

Uh, I hope everything’s well with you Lori. Things will get sorted out and we are always eager to hear your new music no matter whom you play with, and whenever you think it’s ready.

Thanks for just being You and we all love you.

Pinky respect!

+ Comment by Robottony
2007-03-10 03:44:48

Peace of mind is a treasure, wishing you a Queens Fortune, relax, yoga, zen, bubble bath (another soppie?) etc…all the very best to you and yours.

+ Comment by Jen
2007-03-10 07:46:36

Lori, you are beautiful and I would love to lick you from head to toe, you are hot and talented, love ya!

+ Comment by Martin
2007-03-10 22:01:43

No worries Lori,its good to hear SOP will carry on in some format,but with so many members with solo & other projects we are lucky it lasted as long as it did.Its left me with good memories(Lorinator in U.K Yay!)
You already Know us Warbride are a patient lot so take as much quality time as you need :)
I suffer from insomnia so have a small idea of how you feel :)
ooops that was a bit long
Rock on

+ Comment by Maarten (aka Icey)
2007-03-11 13:41:19

Some of this doesnt come as a surprise actually. Some words we exchanged about the Rijssen show a few weeks ago through emails already gave a hint. Although there have been times before that I thought. “How does she manage to do all that?” Working long days all week long, going on tours, handling the dvd booklets in a major sense (after all you were collecting all the photos and were doing the proofreading and whatnot) Really I am nothing short of amazed how you did all that and I’m sad to see that it has caught up with you in a way like this. But something in me also tells me you will come out of this even stronger.

Thank you for all the good times on the tours and all the friendly words and for pimping my photo’s.


PS E-mail reminder of sorts coming up.

+ Comment by rdyfrde
2007-03-12 19:55:30

In the end, your health is more important than any band. I can totally understand your reason for leaving. Though I am glad that I got to see you play live in January 2005 with SOP in the UK. Those were some of the best nights of my life :D

Anyway, I wish you good health and success in any projects or music that you work on :)


+ Comment by LadyLau
2007-03-13 12:55:53

I wish you all the best for the future, I don’t think there’s much more I can add to what has already been said.. Thank you and good luck!
Grtz Lau

+ Comment by Stephen H
2007-03-15 14:15:45

Hope you’re beginning to feel better, and less stressed out already, Missie L ?!

BTW – You DO know you’ve done the right thing, don’t you ?!
And please, NEVER-EVER doubt that ! ! !

Love y’ Lots !

+ Comment by Lorinator
2007-03-15 20:22:58

Thanks for your continued good wishes and words of support, everyone. Knowing you’re out there sending good vibes means more than I could ever say! :)

+ Comment by Gwen
2007-03-17 10:33:30

and we will keep sending good vibes to our metal goddess, for as long as she needs it and beyond


+ Comment by Stephen H
2007-03-17 16:41:00

I’m with you Gwen !

+ Comment by Mechteld
2007-03-18 18:45:58

dear Lori, I only just found out that you, shocker. But you;ll still be my fav metal goddess and I’ll keep on reading your blog and hope to hear from you in the future..but for now, focus on yourself and try to find the peace of mind that you need. Wish you all the best and hope to see/hear from you again in the future..but takes as long as you need it to don’t rush it!! Pinkie respect from Holland!! ps I’ll send you the pic my friend made during the concert in Dordrecht.

+ Comment by Janne Stark
2007-03-21 11:20:22

Here’s some good vibes coming your way, my friend *goodvibe-goodvibe-goodvibe*
Take care of yourself, get the stress monkey off your back and come back with full force. I’ve actually got a very special gift for you that will accompany the geetar when I see you.

+ Comment by Jen (Wabe)
2007-03-21 13:08:59

Best of luck for the future Lori. I’ll still be here for you with your future projects.

I hope your feeling better soon and that you have someone there taking care of your every whim (metal goddesses are allowed to have servants yes?)

I just want to say also that your awesome. You have inspired me more than I can say, I hope one day I’m as awesome a guitarist as you are.

Lots of love and respect



+ Comment by Stephen H
2007-03-23 05:33:42

Hi Lori,

Just off to bed, but wanted you to know you’re never far from m’thoughts !
(No such thing as the old adage “Out of sight – Out of mind !”)

Sending you more “Good Vibes” than even The Beach Boys could imagine ! ! !

Wishing you happy n’ well…
Love y’ Lots !

+ Comment by Lúthien
2007-03-26 13:49:45

Hi Lori!
I am very sad with this new :( but I wish you good luck for your personal life! It’s hard when we have to deal with these problems! So, I hope you get well soon!!!

Hugs and Pinky Respect for The Metal Goddess!!

+ Comment by Lorinator
2007-03-30 23:08:15

Thanks so much to everyone for the kind words and the good vibes. I think they might be helping! I don’t want to turn this blog into a self-centered health journal, but you might like to know that things seem to be heading slowly in the right direction. :)

+ Comment by Stephen H
2007-03-31 02:09:14

Lori, it’s SO nice to see you back here again…

HOWEVER – The (very) occasional “Hello !” is more than enough for me !
Please don’t be “sidetracked” by anything – (such as “PLaG blog !”), etc-etc.

Also, please don’t do what I usually do (when I’m unwell) which is… at the VERY first moment I begin to feel better, subconsciously convince m’ self that things are back to normal, and that I can carry on as before;

It HAS to be… “Ladies and Gentlemen” …. “Illness has LEFT the building !” or Jeez, will it suddenly return with a vengeance or WHAT ?! (So PLEASE take care !)

BTW – “I don’t want to turn this blog into a self-centred health journal”

Why ?! It’s your blog ! (lol !) But really n’ truly, a few words keeping us up to speed regarding your health (n’ happiness), would be of FAR greater importance / interest to many of us… MUCH more-so than forum like “Shred-Threads” for example ! (I’m not really a forum person… y’ know ?!

ALSO – “but you might like to know that things seem to be heading slowly in the right direction.”

Of COURSE we’d like to know that (and I’m very happy about that news !) …. so, what ever you’ve been doing – PLEASE keep doing it !

Have I finished preaching yet ?! Yeah… I guess so !
You know I’m NOT intentionally preaching, don’t you ?! So I apologise if it seems that way ?! I/We just want you to be well, and to continue being your charming and wonderful self !

God bless and Take care (and) “Stay in Tune !”

Love y’ Lori
Stephen (x)

+ Comment by Gwen
2007-03-31 19:37:26

ah sweet lori

good to hear things are turning around for you

and you can air your heart all you want, no problem


+ Comment by K (aka B)
2007-04-02 17:25:38

Hey you! Enough of all this sympathy, dammmmit.
There’s nothing a good dose of chocolate-chip-cookies crushed up in a bowl with chocolate-chip-ice-cream and covered in chocolate sauce won’t cure.

+ Comment by Stephen H
2007-04-02 17:54:40

Hey, “Doctor” K (aka B)…

That’s funny ! – (In a very nice way !)

That’s all ! – Cheers !

+ Comment by Stephen H
2007-04-05 17:20:50

I have to say…
K (aka B) – I should’ve guessed ’twas you, shouldn’t I ?!

BTW – 2 of my 3 favourite gals on one page ?! What can I say ?!
P’haps, er… “Woo-Hoo” ?! – Okay… “WOO-HOO” !

Lots a’ Love ! – (To you both !)
Wishing you well Lori ! (x)

+ Comment by Dr Dr K (aka B)
2007-04-05 20:03:12

Two of your FOUR favourite girls, dammmmmmit. I hope you weren’t forgetting MYRTLE!!!!

+ Comment by Stephen H
2007-04-05 21:30:12

Well, kinda…

Simply ‘cos he’s MALE ! – (lol !) – Oh, and his name’s TURPIN !
See-ya Dr Kakab! (x)

+ Comment by Dr Dr K (aka B)
2007-04-06 11:35:26

Hi Stephen,
So… it sounds like you didn’t know that for the last two years Myrtle – formerly known as Turpin – has been coming to me for counselling (trust me, I’m a Doctor) and has been ‘Myrtle’ since January, bless her.

+ Comment by Stephen H
2007-04-06 19:30:58

Hiya Dr K (aka B) !

Ahem …. “How very dare you ?!”
(Although I have heard him singing “Veterinarian-Veterinarian” recently ?!)

Lots a’ Love – To you both !
Happy Easter to one n’ all !

Get, be, and stay well !

Sending love n’ positive vibes…
Stephen (x)

+ Comment by Stephen H
2007-04-11 22:17:50

Hi Lori – Would you agree that…

Your PLaG/Blog, is still as busy and interesting as it was during “SoP ?!” ?!

I haven’t noticed any less people ! – Also, there seems to be quite a few new people posting here, which is nice !

I MAY be wrong, but that thought just came to me, so I thought I’d simply mention it !
To be honest, I’ve also mentioned it, to kinda make the point that people really like you, for your awesome playing, and your (sweet) personality !

I think that you somehow, “sell yourself short” – I truly believe, you underestimate yourself !
Okay… lecture over ! – (You’re grounded for a week, young lady !) – lol !

SoP were great, of course…
but personally… I prefer your “Demo 2004″ material !
Hope you don’t mind my saying that – NO SoP disrespect what-so ever !

Love n’ stuff – Take care (please !)
Stephen. (x)

+ Comment by Lorinator
2007-04-11 23:13:29

Gwen: Thanks, dear!

Dr K(B): Chocolate really does take the edge off, I do agree!

Stephen: Thanks so much for the words of encouragement. For me, PLAG is definitely just as interesting as it was when I was an official SoPpie. But being a free agent means that I can be myself and not worry about how my pontifications reflect on the band. I’ve been holding back, believe me! I just hope that my scribbles are interesting for the readership now that I don’t have a band to write about.


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