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Stream of Passion announce new guitarist (2 of 2)

Hot off the Stream of Passion website: The third new member's identity has been announced. It's guitarist Stephan Schultz. Congratulations, Stephan! The band is now officially complete and read to rock! \m/

Stream of passion announce new guitarist (1 of 2)

Things are moving right along for Stream of Passion: he band has recently announced one of the guitarists who will be taking over for me and Arjen: Eric Hazebroek. Congratulations to Stream of Passion, and to Eric for landing a galactically cool gig!

Playing like a girl is harder than it looks

Many are called, but few are chosen... Thanks to Hugo and Taz for the link! I actually like his top better than my own ;-)

Every ending is a new beginning…

...or so I am trying to tell myself. As some of you may already know, the first chapter in the story of SoP ended a few days ago, and the remaining members will go on to new adventures without me, Alejandro and Arjen. I'm proud to have been lucky enough to ...