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Archive for the 'raves' Category

Girls who rock: Rachel Barton Pine

When I find something that inspires me, I can't help wanting to share it with my readers. Allow me to introduce you to Rachel Barton Pine, a classical violin soloist who totally rocked my world when I learned about her a few weeks ...

Luna guitars rock

Review of the Luna Andromeda Floyd Grape, by melodic metal guitarist and Luna artist Lori Linstruth.

How to break annoying chain letters with a clear conscience

Chain letters suck. We hate chain letters. If you hate them too but want to break them with a clear conscience and no risk of supernatural repercussions, Dave Seah's Certificate of Chain Letter Nullification is just what you need!

Guitar tips: DIY strap lock system

Beer drinkers who are interested in a quick'n'dirty strap lock system for your guitar are in luck. Get two bottles of Grolsch and use the red rubber gaskets as strap locks. The advantage of using the rubber gaskets is that they are small ...