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Archive for the 'raves' Category

Best of 2010 – puppy love

It's weird how in one moment you can go from being mildly interested in something to totally passionate about it. At least that's how it is for me. There is always some defining moment where, through some biochemical magic that I doubt science understands yet, something in your brain goes ...

Best of 2010 – push the boulder

Over the next few days I'll be sharing some things that made an impression on me this year. The first is Colleen Wainwright's galactically awesome video "The Boulder: a song for the New Year." This video is about a year old, but as of today it's had fewer than 10 ...

Cool stuff that works: Gymboss dual timer

With so many poorly designed, crapola products out there, it's a rare treat to discover cool stuff that works. Seriously, when I stumble upon something simple, affordable, and functional that actually solves a problem in my ...

My favorite Guilt Machine review so far

Due to certain gender-specific anatomical limitations, I'll have to take his word about the peanut butter thing: