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Archive for the 'rants' Category

Ice Age’s former manager releases illegal bootleg

[UPDATE: As stated in this blog entry, justice has prevailed and the illegal sale of Ice Age's music has been shut down.] Just a quick public service announcement on behalf of my friend Pia Nyström (co-founder of the kickass all-female Swedish band Ice Age). Pia has informed me that ...

Sometimes I hate email

Sorry for getting all meta on y'all, but someone keeps sending me nasty mails complaining that I haven't responded to his emails (what a way to win me over...). The last one was so bad that I have to say something here, as my mails to this person obviously aren't ...

Is practicing technique for idiots?

Marty Friedman recently went on record to say that practicing technique is useless, and that guitarists should just play as much music as possible. In this article, Lori explains why this advice is best suited to advanced players, and why practicing technique is a valuable ingredient in musical expressivity.

Guitars for girls and why they suck (so far)

Guitars specially built for girl guitarists SUCK. Why is this so? Why don't the guitar manufacturers make guitars suitable for girls with small hands who want to SHRED? Guitarist Lori Linstruth (Stream of Passion; Warbride; Mountain of Power) rants about what girls want and what girls get.