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What is the Astrid ToDo Mascot?

[caption id="attachment_440" align="alignleft" width="256" caption="What is the Astrid Mascot, anyway?"][/caption]One of the most useful apps on my phone is Astrid, a eminently functional ToDo list with added charm and personality. Call me corny, but I actually ...

Cool stuff that works: Gymboss dual timer

With so many poorly designed, crapola products out there, it's a rare treat to discover cool stuff that works. Seriously, when I stumble upon something simple, affordable, and functional that actually solves a problem in my ...

My favorite Guilt Machine review so far

Due to certain gender-specific anatomical limitations, I'll have to take his word about the peanut butter thing:

Ice Age’s former manager releases illegal bootleg

[UPDATE: As stated in this blog entry, justice has prevailed and the illegal sale of Ice Age's music has been shut down.] Just a quick public service announcement on behalf of my friend Pia Nyström (co-founder of the kickass all-female Swedish band Ice Age). Pia has informed me that ...