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Shameless self promotion – recent interviews with LL

I sincerely hate shameless self-promotion as much as anyone (really, I do!). But because the kind interviewers below took precious time out of their one lives to talk to yours truly, it would seem ungrateful ...

PLAG exclusive: Rip Glitter interview

What better way to inject some life into my depleted husk of a blog than by posting an exclusive superstar interview with none other than Rip Glitter. For those of you unfortunates who are not familiar with ...

Guitarist mini-interviews: Steve Lynch on tapping

Mini-interview with two-handed tapping guitarist extrordinaire, Steve Lynch.

Guitarist mini-interviews: Jennifer Batten

One of the most difficult aspects of two-handed tapping is, arguably, keeping the strings quiet. While experimenting with ways to remedy this (and getting nowhere fast), it struck me: Why not ask an expert? When it comes to two-handed tapping, the first person I ...