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Guitar practice exercises: alternate picking chromatic scale

Alternate picking chromatic scale exercise for guitar. PDF tabs and guitar pro files for free download

Sweeping arpeggio technique – reader questions

Are you a beginning guitarist who is confused about how to use a metronome when practicing sweeping arpeggios? This article should help you get started.

The real secret to playing fast

Do you want to play guitar faster and improve your alternate picking? This free guitar lesson shows you how to practice correctly to reach speeds you never thought possible!

Sweep arpeggio with legato and slides: Fmaj7

7ths are generally often found within the context of jazz, where they inflict 7ths and 9ths on every chord, resulting in a sound that makes me want to smash my head against the wall to make the bad noise stop. But that doesn't mean that 7ths can't sound cool. ...