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Is there a “perfect” guitar practice routine?

Metal lead guitarist Lori Linstruth shares her views on designing the optimal practice routine for guitar, and the dangers of comparing your own progress on guitar to that of others.

Is practicing technique for idiots?

Marty Friedman recently went on record to say that practicing technique is useless, and that guitarists should just play as much music as possible. In this article, Lori explains why this advice is best suited to advanced players, and why practicing technique is a valuable ingredient in musical expressivity.

More blank tab sheets

Free, printable blank tab sheets for 6-string guitar. A4 and US Letter format, black lines or grey lines, 8 staves per page.

Playing slow to play fast – mental aspects

Learn to play guitar fast and increase your picking speed. This article describes the mental challenges of slow practice to increase speed and how to overcome them.