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Free metronome for your PC – no more annoying clickage

[ update 12 July 2011: The creator of Weird Metronome recently informed me that the application has been updated to correct the timing problems and include hotkeys, which negates my original complaints about Weird Metronome (when compared to Zetronome). It also ...

Guitarist mini-interviews: Steve Lynch on tapping

Mini-interview with two-handed tapping guitarist extrordinaire, Steve Lynch.

Reader feedback: Playing slow to play fast

Can practicing slowly help you learn to play fast? Yes it can, as this reader's experience shows. By slowing down your playing enough to isolate the problem, addressing it, and then gradually working up to speed in comfortable intervals, you can play guitar faster than you ever thought possible.

No motivation to practice, you say? Try my online practice motivator

Need motivation to practice your guitar, but find yourself getting distracted by surfing the net? Make the Shredtracker practice motivator your homepage and give yourself a kick in the butt.