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Reader Questions: Recording the Newborn Race solo

From time to time I receive questions about what equipment I used to record a particular solo, like the one below from Lainee (sent via Myspace). Apart from guitars, my setup has basically been the same since 2005, so I thought it would be worth a post here. 1) I really ...

ShredTracker guitar practice diary for 2009

In the spirit of starting 2009 on a positive note, my first post is updated ShredTracker forms for 2009. The ShredTracker is a form for systematically tracking your weekly guitar practice routine (and hopefully your progress). Its design is inspired by ...

Kahler Spyder Trems for HM Strats – N.O.S available

PLAG reader JH has just informed me that there is a number of NOS Spyders available from At over 249 USD apiece, they are a bit pricey, but if a new bridge is all you need to resurrect an otherwise great HM Strat, I suppose it's ...

Guitar practice exercises: alternate picking chromatic scale

Alternate picking chromatic scale exercise for guitar. PDF tabs and guitar pro files for free download