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New job – new blog

I'll be blogging about my new job as Arjen's PM in a different location, because it doesn't seem right to do that here. You can find it at So if you are curious about what managing a tortured musical genius mastermind ;-) entails, now you know where to ...

Eight random facts about LL

This post is in response to my being tagged for the "8 random facts about me" meme by Matt at Electric Guitar Review and Cary at For those not familiar with blogger culture, a blog meme is just a particular topic or question that is passed ...

Feed icons for blogging guitarists

Guitar pick shaped feed icons for blogging guitarists. PSD and PNG files.

Simple steps to a faster WordPress Dashboard

How to remove The Wordpress Development Blog and Other Wordpress News feeds from your Wordpress dashboard July 2007 UPDATE: In newer versions of Wordpress, e.g. 2.2, this is really easy now. In your wp-admin directory, you need to edit the index.php file. Just comment out or delete the following lines: <div id="devnews"></div> <div ...