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Best of 2010 – push the boulder

Over the next few days I’ll be sharing some things that made an impression on me this year. The first is Colleen Wainwright’s galactically awesome video “The Boulder: a song for the New Year.”

This video is about a year old, but as of today it’s had fewer than 10 000 views (It SO deserves more), thus I’m betting that many readers here haven’t seen it yet. It’s not safe for work, though, so unless you have a cool boss (i.e., one who understands the difference between using profanity because you’re too lazy to think up a better word and using it you think it’s the best way to make your point) you’d better wait until you get home:

When times have gotten hard over the past year, when I’ve been faced with scary or odious tasks that — even though I TOTALLY don’t feel like it — still have to be done, I think of Colleen’s boulder song and it helps me. Seriously. Then I just set my timer for a 10-20 minute “get started” interval and hop to it, rather than expending valuable mental energy worrying endlessly about how the heck I’m EVER going to manage. I have a permanent entry on my Astrid to-do list, just to remind me if I forget.

The boulder is always on my to-do list

The Boulder song was my gateway into Colleen’s world. Her newsletter and RSS feed are two of the few things that have survived the Great Media Cleanout of 2010. Two strategies I’ve learned from her have been part of my regular self-motivational repertoire over the past few months:

Annual goals daily

Colleen’s not-so-stupid Stupid Reading Hack

Now that I “get” the concept of just pushing the confounded boulder, one of the most important questions I’ve been trying to answer for myself recently is this: out of the universe of possible boulders, which ones are ACTUALLY WORTH PUSHING? Admittedly, I don’t really find the concept of “New Year’s Resolutions” particularly useful. But even so, at this time of year it feels natural to review and assess the past year, and look forward to the year to come.

In the next “best of” post I’ll be presenting one of my totally-not-guitar-related boulders for 2011.

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+ Comment by Colleen Wainwright
2010-12-30 21:52:43

Holy moses!

First, this is incredibly kind of you to write, and incredibly gratifying for me to hear. So thank you. Truly.

Second, OMG AN ACTUAL GUITAR PLAYER WATCHED THAT THING!!!1! I am, uh, just a wee bit self-conscious now. Which I’ll get over, but hey, double thanks for being so kind and not mentioning my lowly beginner skillz. (Which haven’t changed much, as I abandoned the project a couple of months later, and am in need of a reboot.)

Have yourself a wonderful, joyous and highly productive new year, y’hear?

+ Comment by Lorinator
2010-12-31 23:27:59

No need to be self-conscious — I don’t need to remind you (but I will anyway, ha!) that everyone starts out as a beginner. You sure impressed the hell out of ME — can you say GIRL CRUSH?! Have a fan-freakin-tabulous 2011 :-)


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