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Archive for September, 2007

Weekend inspiration

I won't pretend to know the first thing about classical music -- far from it. But you don't have to be schooled in the classical genre to appreciate an inspirational musician (and teacher) when you see one. Watch this video, and notice how Perlman approaches his work as a teacher ...

Guitar practice exercises: alternate picking chromatic scale

Alternate picking chromatic scale exercise for guitar. PDF tabs and guitar pro files for free download

Girls who rock: Rachel Barton Pine

When I find something that inspires me, I can't help wanting to share it with my readers. Allow me to introduce you to Rachel Barton Pine, a classical violin soloist who totally rocked my world when I learned about her a few weeks ...

Reader questions: cleaning up those noisy sweeps

Sweeping arpeggios for rock and metal guitar, and how to play them cleanly without making a lot of excess noise.