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Archive for August, 2007

Free metronome for your PC – no more annoying clickage

[ update 12 July 2011: The creator of Weird Metronome recently informed me that the application has been updated to correct the timing problems and include hotkeys, which negates my original complaints about Weird Metronome (when compared to Zetronome). It also ...

Guitarist mini-interviews: Steve Lynch on tapping

Mini-interview with two-handed tapping guitarist extrordinaire, Steve Lynch.

Luna guitars rock

Review of the Luna Andromeda Floyd Grape, by melodic metal guitarist and Luna artist Lori Linstruth.

Guitarist mini-interviews: Jennifer Batten

One of the most difficult aspects of two-handed tapping is, arguably, keeping the strings quiet. While experimenting with ways to remedy this (and getting nowhere fast), it struck me: Why not ask an expert? When it comes to two-handed tapping, the first person I ...