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Archive for June, 2007

Guitar solos quiz for non-guitar players

I just scored 100% on Mental Floss's Guitar Solos Quiz. Surprising, because there were 4 solos that I had to guess. The others were easy because I'd heard the songs on the radio a gazillion times. Many guitarists would probably think that some of these solos are pretty dire. But ...

Stream of passion announce new guitarist (1 of 2)

Things are moving right along for Stream of Passion: he band has recently announced one of the guitarists who will be taking over for me and Arjen: Eric Hazebroek. Congratulations to Stream of Passion, and to Eric for landing a galactically cool gig!

Blank guitar tab sheets for ShredTracker

Free printable blank tab sheets for guitarists. Compatible with the ShredTracker guitar practice diary forms.